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“Daily courage has less eyewitnesses. But it is not less noble, although there aren’t people chanting your name.”

When I used to be a basketball player, I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a lot of prestigious tournaments. I’ve played in enormous halls, full of people who are hoping you are gonna fail and people who are hoping you will succeed.

I can’t put into words, the feeling of being on the court. When there are a couple seconds left and everything is in your own hands- it is up to you, if you are gonna take the responsibility to score the winning shot, and then feel satisfied with what you’ve done, plus feel the hearts of people in the public with happiness and pride!

The adrenaline is so high… I still remember that feeling, as if something deep inside of you woke up and is trying to make its way to the surface and burst out. A bundle of motivation, passion, desire, mixed with the feeling of fear, but in the same time the unending rush to give your best!

The moments when everybody catches their breath, anticipating your next move. These are the moments when you either put all your strength together, you look your fears in the eyes and dare to fly… or the moments when you let insecurity and doubt take over you and you learn to shatter on the ground!

It is said that a person’s character is defined by what he does when nobody is watching. It is easy to give your best when everybody in the gym is chanting your name, applauding you, sustaining your motivation and rush. But how you are gonna develop yourself, is defined by the countless hours, that you spend alone in the gym. The moments when it gets tough, when you are tired, when you are supposed to work on something you are not good at, but you still know that if you master that skill, you will become even more capable!

It is the same with life. It is easy to “fly” when everybody is by your side, when everybody thinks the way you do and when there is always somebody to congratulate you. But how many of you could show the strength of their soul and kill the weakness of their minds, on a daily basis? “Daily courage has less eyewitnesses!” But at the end of your life, exactly the daily courage, will be the one, that will has the heaviness of the direction, that your life took and if you managed to use your talent to the fullest, so you could serve for the good of others and yourself!

In the life of everyone of us there are dark days and moments. We can’t influence what happens around us, but we can take charge of the way we react to it. It is like a game of tennis… you can’t predict what your opponent is gonna do, when the ball is on his side of the court, but it is up to you, to give your best after each one of his hits. It is up to you, how you are gonna react to his hits!

Every small, daily win, guarantees you the big win in the long run. A couple biscuits, that you will skip eating today, in the long term will contribute to the transformation of your body.

An hour spend in the gym every day, could not look like a lot to you, but in the long term, this hour will make the difference between you and all people who choose on a daily basis, to stay in front of the TV, eat unhealthy food and just slack.

Reading one book every week, might not look like too much to you, but this makes up to 52 books every year! 52 books that could give so much value to your life and your point of view! 52 books more, than the person who has decided that after graduation “he is done with reading” and never dares to read a single page.

One more risk, you take today, could lead to one more win, you are gonna achieve tomorrow!

And I will repeat, that “daily courage has less eyewitnesses!”, but daily courage has the most important eyewitness- YOU! Every time you find it hard to keep on going or when you stumble over an obstacle, imagine how at the end of your days, you will be sitting on the bleachers of life and you will have the opportunity to watch everything you’ve done throughout your life. Make sure that you won’t disappoint the most important person in the crowd!

Think how you’d like for this person to leave the public- full with happiness and pride that his favorite “competitor” gave his best or disappointed that his favorite “competitor” broke down in front of his own insecurity and fear!

Robin Sharma says that “life is too important, to spend it waiting to wake up just before you die.” And I will tell you that life is way too wonderful, to allow yourself not spending it to the fullest! You have more strength and courage, than you think. But I believe in you and I assure you that you could be everything you dream to become! Just show more courage and determination every day, no matter how minor the situation seems. I promise you that after you live one year of your life to the fullest, you will turn back and you will realize how far you’ve gone and you will never dare to sit, waiting for the day and your life to fly in front of your eyes!

What is your decision? Are you gonna make the most important eyewitness in your life proud or are you gonna disappoint him/her?

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