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I am addicted to handstands and psitols...can't you tell? 😉

I love observing people, as well as myself and then analyze their behavior and my own behavior.

And my observations made me realize how often people’s actions are led by the wrong motives. Usually a main driving source of our behavior is how we’d like others to perceive us.

We build some kind of an ego image, which has a different “clothing” depending on the community surrounding us and each thought, each action we take is directed at defending this ego image.

We build an image, which is more of a personification of common norms and knowledge. An impersonation of the common sense for how we are supposed to live, which qualities we should possess and how we should express them.

And no matter if this ego image is synchronized with our inner beliefs or not, we still defend it.

In my opinion this is the root of each problem. The fact, that we are trying to protect the illusion we build on something we do not trust. From the fact that we abandoned our true self and we turned our back to what is making us feel good, just because we are trying to fit in the common sense.

Often times, people feel the strongest pain, because of scourging how other people will perceive them and how other people will interpret their words and their behavior.

Until you free yourself from the need to have a particular image in other people’s eyes, you will be dependent on their opinion and you will never find the strength to show your true potential and to chase, what you truly want to achieve.

Just understand it! You are responsible just for how you perceive yourself. You are responsible for your behavior and your words. For your thoughts and actions. But you are powerless when it comes to how others perceive you.

Every person sees the world through his own convictions. Convictions which are the fruit of past pains, joys, disappointments, triumphs, mistakes and lessons.

Worrying how others perceive you is a huge loss of strength and energy, which you could direct to something more meaningful. Something that could give more value to your personality and bring a deeper meaning to your life.

Just give up on the need to pay “the community opinion” taxes. There are too many people, and too many ideals. Just focus to fit your own notion about yourself. Focus on doing and speaking the things, which are synchronized with your inner beliefs.

Often times we suppress our true self, in order to be liked by others. But this is a lie. You are lying the person standing in front of you. And it is  a betrayal… a betrayals towards yourself.

I’d much rather live according to my own beliefs and take the risk to be hated by some people, instead of trying to be liked by everybody, and then, when I go back home at night to be knocked down by the reflection of my own pity presence, which is reminding me how I don’t have the courage to stand tall and defend what I truly believe in!

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Инес Субашка

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