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“You should make the difference between knowledge and being wise! When you become wise, you will respect your body, your mind and your soul. When you become wise, your life will be controlled by your heart- not your head. You won’t sabotage yourself anymore, you own happiness, and your own love. You won’t carry all that guilt and you won’t judge yourself. From this moment on, all beliefs, which made you miserable, which made you fight with life, which made life seem hard will just disappear!”

I’ve always found it weird, when people claim that they suffer, because they are following their heart… truth is that they are in pain, because they follow their mind, their wrong beliefs… the limiting understandings…

Nobody has ever suffered, when he took the decision to follow his heart. Yes, the road might be long, you might lose some people, some opportunities, but in reality they were just not meant to accompany you on the road to your dreams!

More often than not, people give up on their most sacred desires, because they fool themselves, that their heart is whispering to stay at the place, they are right now… to be surrounded by people in the present. Often times this makes them suffer. They float on the current of life and on the way, they receive everything, that others saw as useless, so they left it behind. Because when you are floating, you just collide in whatever stands in your way. When you voluntary refuse to take responsibility for the direction of your life, it doesn’t really matter where the current is gonna take you, because no other place is gonna make you feel satisfied. You won’t find a place where you will feel yourself, where  you will feel as a whole person!

How many times have you put up with something or somebody, who in reality brings you more pain, than joy? But you are so lost in the illusion, that your heart is leading you towards these people and situations, that you’ve turned your back on yourself and you’ve lost respect towards self! You’ve deafened your inner voice, which is constantly repeating you, that you are in the wrong place!

Every time when something happens, your mind starts taking you away from reality, by attacking you with thousands of thoughts. Thoughts, which have nothing to do with your true desires, with what you want with your whole heart. Don’t fool yourself, that the illusion, towards which your mind is pushing you, is the desire of your heart! It is a fruit of your ego. The attachment you experience towards people and situations in your present, are not the longing of your heart, but the habit of your mind! The habit to stay in the same place, in your comfort zone, no matter if the situation pleases you or not!

In relationships, people usually suffer. But they never find the courage to leave. Thus, they fall in the trap of fooling themselves, that it is the heart, which is making them stay! And trust me, your heart would never whisper you to put up with people, who suppress you, people who make you sad and people who do not respect you! The desires of your heart are those, which lead you on a road, where you feel complete. On a road, where you will meet people who will support you and make you feel more confident! People who respect you!

And if right now you are in a situation or with a person, who makes you suffer more, than he makes you feel in peace and happy, don’t fool yourself! Find the courage to leave and take on another path! Do not blame your heart for longings, which are a fruit of the illusion you built for a particular situation or person! Because when you dare to look the reality as it is, you will find out that there was nothing real, that could make you stay… just the stupid attachment, which is a result of the habit and the striving of the mind!

Give it a thought! I assure you that the pain you feel now, is the way of your inner voice to whisper you that you are not in the right place! Have the courage to walk on your own path and the future will reveal you the beauty of life!

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