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Марина Декова
Marina Dekova

Easter is coming and a lot of people are searching for a strategy to stay fit, despite the temptations that accompany the Holidays. That is why I decided to ask some coaches and athletes what is their strategy to stay fit during the Holidays. Here is what they answered.

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Linda Robertovich

Линда Робертович
Линда Робертович

Facebook page: Upgrade you by Linda Robertovich

Holidays are definitely a temptation when it comes to delicious food. Personally I am not a fan of eating a variety of foods in one sitting. If I give in to temptation, I’d rather it be throughout the day, in small quantities. I am not a fan of eating a dessert after your main meal.

My strategy is to never get on the Holiday table starving. Before I eat, I would drink 500ml water and then emphasize on veggies and lean meats. I don’t eat a lot of carbs. Discipline is the base of everything, as well as the habits we’ve built. I rarely allow myself to cheat on my nutrition, and I do it mainly during my summer vacation, not during the Holidays.

If it happens by accident, then I follow another strategy on the next day- O eat mainly veggies and nuts and I do more cardio. Coffee and green tea after an indulgence are a great choice. Another strategy that works is placing a photo of your best body or the one you are trying to achieve and keeping it on your fridge. It works for me. But I haven’t done it in years because I already have enough discipline.

Radoslav Rangelov

Радослав Рангелов
Radoslav Rangelov

I don’t train during the holidays, but I am always on the go, because I love active rest. I don’t ever get inactive and I hike, I ride a bike, go for a walk or travel on a pre-planned destination. When it comes to nutrition and Easter- I’ve never liked sweet bread and since I was young I emphasized on eggs. Keeping in mind the massive amounts of eggs, which I eat on a daily basis, my food on the holiday won’t differ much from my food on a typical day. No matter if it is a holiday or just a regular day, for me food doesn’t differ much, because proper nutrition and an active lifestyle are part of my philosophy and it is not dependent on what day it is.

Iliyana Kostova

Илияна Костова
Илияна Костова

According to me what matters is the nutrition and the training regimen on a daily basis and a short pause for Easter won’t make that much of a difference. Sure, I search for healthier alternatives like natural egg dye, organic eggs and gluten- free sweet bread  and other healthy flours. But this doesn’t mean that a couple pieces of the traditional sweet bread are poison.

For Easter I give my soul and body some rest and I don’t train. I dedicate my time to my family. I eat normally, but I might eat a couple pieces of sweet bread besides eggs which are my favorite food. I don’t think that I deprive myself by not eating junk.

After Easter I renew my training right on the next day. I emphasize on cardio and I am back to my normal nutrition plan.

I have a balanced diet. I eat healthy protein, carbs and I add healthy fats to every meal. I do not eat processed, fried foods or foods that come in glittery packages. Enjoy the holidays and eat a lot of egg whites, more eggs and less sweets and enjoy the traditions.

Marina Dekova

Марина Декова
Марина Декова

I don’t stop working out and eating the way I eat- the way that helps me achieve my goals, no matter if it is a holiday or a regular day. Besides that I do not think that the body loses its athletism and health in the time frame of a couple days ( which is the time the Holidays last). When a person has goals and follows them, he is not tempted by junk. Everything is in our inner motivation. When it is lacking, then you will be tempted by everything.

Erin Stimac


Facebook page: Erin Stimac Nutrition

My strategy to stay fit and healthy during the Holidays would be: Even though the Holidays are usually a time to celebrate and spend time with friends and family, they can often times be very stressful. I try to schedule time to relax so that I don’t get too busy to take time for myself.

We all know that a healthy outside starts on the inside, so I believe that taking time to relax is important to staying mentally and physically healthy.

Relaxing can be anything from getting in some extra sleep, meditation, or even a workout that you enjoy. As far as nutrition goes, I try to cook something healthy and delicious that I know that people that I celebrate with will like.

Often times people LOVE healthy foods-especially when they don’t know it’s healthy! Cooking with fresh, whole ingredients and lots of healthy fats can make food delicious and satisfying, and I love to share those types of foods with my friends and family!

Irina Girginova


I wouldn’t say that I have a strategy. It is great that the Holidays are here, but this is not a reason to create a some kind of a magical plan for working out or eating. I am trying to have a long term strategy for my health and athletism. That’s why I will try not to ruin the results I’ve achieved with endless eating of junk. It is true that on Easter the sweets are delicious, but I will spread their consumption throughout the whole year, not just in one day. I intend on taking advantage of the more leisure time and I will enjoy different outdoor activities.

Dolia Pipileva

Доля Пипилева
Доля Пипилева

Since I’ve been training, my strategy is pretty much the same, no matter if it is a Holiday or not. I will keep on training as usual- with weights and if I can’t get to the gym, I have everything necessary to put together a fantastic workout at home. When it comes to nutrition, I love the food during this time of the year and especially the Easter menu, because I find it really healthy- green salad, plenty of eggs, meat, pretty much the foods I eat on a daily basis. If you ask for the sweet bread, I will be direct and say- I will eat! My family always prepares homemade sweet bread and I can’t wait to eat a piece of it with a cup of milk. After all I will try not to turn it in my main food of choice.

Enjoy the Holidays and rest.

Yuilian Todorov

Юлиян Тодоров
Юлиян Тодоров

Facebook page: Yuli’s Gym


My “strategy” could be summed up like this: I have an approach, that allows everybody to overeat during the Holiday.

Let’s be honest- it is clear that on the Holidays a diet is cursed to fail.

In the rare cases when I’ve seen somebody resist the Holiday treats, in a week or two after them, “the martyr” can’t resist the psychological burden and gives in to indulgence. And usually the comparison between what he ate after the Holidays and what he would have eaten on the Holidays, shows that the indulgence after that leads to a lot more food that’s been eaten.

That’s why I quit trying to motivate people to be on a diet during the Holidays. We are human not robots. And after that it is a Holiday, not a typical day.

If you ask about the Easter bread, my recommendation would be to follow a bodybuilding style of eating Easter bread. What do I mean? Bodybuilders throw yolks and eat fast carbs with proteins without fats. In the case with the Easter bread, if a typical size is 350 grams and we use the rule “before eating one Easter bread, eat a bowl of seasonal salad with 7 egg whites and then you have the right to eat one Easter bread.”If you want another Easter bread, you repeat the scheme.

If we are talking about a trained individual, I will just exhaust him with workouts, during the last couple days before Easter. Then he will feel the duty to eat all the eggs and Easter bread he can, in order to recover from the overtraining.

And what is my own strategy? I’ve been eating real food for a long time, I’ve build my muscles slowly in a natural way and now, I can allow myself eating whatever I feel like, in moderate amounts.

 Ines Subashka

I've never felt or looked better :)
Ines Subashka

Facebook page: Ines Subashka-InspiredFitStrong

My strategy for the Holidays can be summed up in a couple words- consciousness and conscious choices. I’ve given up the slavery of strategies and diets, in the way most people approach the word diet. I do not have a strategy, I have a philosophy. A philosophy, which is not just about nutrition, but a philosophy about life, and I base every single choice on it.

If you love Easter bread, then eat Easter bread. The thing is that there is a difference between eat and indulge. When you choose consciously, then you can eat a piece of Easter bread and everything will be great. If you are a slave to your emotions and a piece of the bread, leads to you eating the whole Easter bread, then you lose the balance.

Still, no matter what you do on the Holidays, no matter what you eat, it is just 3-4 days, which on the background of a whole year, couldn’t have such a tremendous effect.

I am not gonna eat Easter bread or junk. Not because I  am on a diet, but because some time ago I took the decision to base every single choice on the premise to do the best for myself. I can be bold enough to say that I have enough experience and enough knowledge to state and realize that the best thing for me will be a plate of delicious, fatty lamb and a huge salad.

For me the holiday won’t be a personification of food, but rather than that a personification with the place where I am gonna be and the people I am gonna surround myself with.

If you want a strategy for your workouts, I will tell you this. The day before Easter, go to the gym. Load the bar and turn on your timer. Spend 10 minutes in the gym. Complete five squats- ass to grass, every minute on the minute. 10 minutes; 50 squats with enough weight, that makes your 5th squat your optimal rep. Then eat whatever you want on the next day.

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Ines Subashka

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