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The other day I was observing a friend of mine and I was thinking how much effort women make, in order to feel good in their own skin. They do a bunch of things- put on make-up, have their nails painted, they buy a bunch of cosmetics and voluntary waste countless hours for “beauty” procedures.

Sometimes I wonder why are we like this? Why do we think that we should make enormous efforts, in order to achieve something, when in reality it is so much simpler and easier? Do women, who waste hours, staying in the hairdresser saloon or in front of the mirror, ever consider the fact that they are wasting energy in the wrong direction? They try to bring the artificial feeling for more value; to bring the feeling that they possess a particular trait, that in reality they don’t believe they have.

They try to improve their self- esteem through external factors, which are temporary and which after all make you feel even more empty and unsatisfied.

And because I notice that a lot of people take everything literally, I will let myself include the fact, that I have nothing against women who take care of themselves. I know that every woman, has “the beauty queen” trait in herself. I myself also paint my nails, and go to the hairdresser and so on. There is nothing wrong with taking more time to prepare when you have a special occasion. I am not saying that you should go to your wedding dressed in shorts, a tank top and sneakers.

What bothers me is the time that most women waste, on a daily basis, for such beauty procedures. Because it is one thing to take 20 minutes, in order to paint your nails at home, and it is a whole different thing to waste 2 hours of your day to go to the manicurist and talk about fashion icons, football players and the latest cosmetic trends. Because it is one thing to take 10 minutes, in order to put on make-up and it is a whole different thing to take one hour, in order to paint your face as if it is the last masterpiece of Picasso.

I think that women waste their energy to look better in the wrong direction. They spend a bunch of money for useless clothes, make-up, cosmetics; they invest their time in such things and in the same time they forget what is important. They neglect, what in reality has the power to improve their self- confidence, what has the power to give them more value and make them truly attractive.  And the missing link is health and an athletic body.

Do you know how well you could feel and how well you could look, if instead of sitting for 2-3 hours in the cosmetic saloon, you took 1 hour for working out?

Do you  know how much more confident and energetic you could be, if instead of giving your money for a bunch of make-up, creams and other similar stuff, you gave your money for quality food?

Because at the end of the day, what brings more value to a person, are not the masks he puts on…

Because at the end of the day, even tons of make-up and the most fashionable clothes can not fill the voids. That come with the desperate tries to improve your self- esteem through external factors.

Because the most beautiful people are not the most get up people, but those who possess inner confidence.

Because a person who takes the right care of his body- working out and eating quality food- emanates health, strength and confidence which are contagious.

Because people are living creatures and not dolls, which are meant to stay on the shelf and be observed and receive admirations for their nice clothes, great hairstyle and make-up.

Because artificial is in fashion, just in particular communities, where you will rarely get to find true things, that bring real meaning in your life.

If we took more time to shape our bodies and fuel them with quality food, and not “paint” our faces and fill our wardrobes with useless pieces of cloth, life could be so much more fulfilling.

Because a woman with a  mask of good make-up and fashionable clothes, has good self-esteem, just when she is hiding behind the artificial “costume”. Because I know women, who can not go out of their house without make-up and without previously having tried every piece of cloth in their wardrobe, until they pick the right one. Because otherwise they’d feel “naked” and not confident enough.

I would give everything to show these women the right way to improve their self- confidence- to look themselves in the mirror and promise that they will never hide their insecurity under the clothes and behind the make- up, and that they will enter the gym- where they will take back their true confidence and self-esteem.

Where they will realize, that there isn’t anything better and more fulfilling, than taking care for yourself and your health. And that just a healthy, athletic body is more than enough, in order for you to feel confident, and dare to go out of your house without staying 2 hours in front of the mirror.

Because no matter what is in fashion, natural is always the trend.

Because we should remember that taking care of yourself is not equal to making yourself the human equivalent of Barbie and becoming a plastic doll.

Because we wrongly think that clothes make the person beautiful… actually the person makes the clothes look good. Because a fit and athletic body, makes every piece of cloth look astonishing!

We mistakenly think, that make- up makes the face look better. What makes a person look charming is the inner confidence and self-esteem, that come with a healthy and energetic body!

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