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Алекса Рей
Alexa's unique transformation! 🙂

Sometimes when we have obstacles in our lives, we feel as if we are insignificant. As if we can’t make a difference and as if our life is just a waste…just a burden. But then, in a really short moment, something from the inside wakes up… something that wouldn’t allow us to give up and just be mediocre. All of a sudden we find strength, that wasn’t there before. All of a sudden we feel capable of achieving everything and reaching greatness. All of a sudden one small decision to change our reality, becomes so powerful that it changes the lives of million of people. Today I have the pleasure to introduce you a person that really changes lives. A person, who is so strong, so beautiful, so inspirational! I have the pleasure to introduce you Alexa Rae!

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Ines Subashka: Thank you for accepting my offer for an interview. I am really honored to share more about you with my readers. People who know you, are aware that you are keeping yourself busy with more activities, than an average person could imagine doing in a week. Would you tell us in short what you are up to right now?

Alexa Rae: Right now I am obviously working full time as a mental health nurse, and also running my online motivational coaching business called PHAT2FIT! This provides women with fully customized training and nutrition plans, but also provides them with professional support and gives them inner beauty exercises to learn love for themselves! I am also prepping for my first figure competition of the season on June 1st at the Toronto Super show. In my spare time I also teach dance once a week and help others in anyway I can.

IS: I bet that there isn’t a person in the fitness industry who hasn’t seen your transformation. How did you decide to make a change?

AR: I just decided I wanted to be happy in my own skin, and I wanted to be confident with who I was as a person!

IS: What motivated you?

AR: Making the goal to compete in my first competition kept me motivated!!

The beautiful Alexa 🙂

IS: Did you just wake up one morning and decided that you don’t ever wanna feel disappointed and upset with the person you were and the way you looked or..?

AR: I used to not want to live … how awful is that!!! I was disgusted with who I was and knew that because of sexual abuse as a child that it would be a lot of hard work to learn how to love me and on January 18, 2010 I decided to start and have never looked back!

IS: What was the hardest part of your transformation? Would you share some of the obstacles you faced, and what helped you keep moving and not giving up?

AR: The hardest part was the inner transformation. I went through a divorce at the time, which was hard because I was very far away from any family…my life got a lot worse before it got better! I was going out three times a week, not sleeping, working way too much, which led to me almost dying in a car accident. It could go on and on, but I quickly learned to smarten up and focus on the positives. I learned that when you focus on the negatives that more negative things just happen. So now I am positive no matter what! I had a good support of friends and family that helped me stay focused on what was important.

IS: How did people around you accept your new lifestyle? Were they supportive?

AR: Most people were very supportive. There will always be haters and people who can not be happy for others when their lives aren’t going the same, but if someone doesn’t like me, it’s them NOT me! The key is surrounding yourself with people that have the same common goals, so that you stay motivated.

IS: Have you ever struggled with emotional eating? Personally I was in that trap for a couple years and it took me a lot of will and dedication to overcome emotional eating and come to today where I feel healthy and stable! What helped you overcome that?

AR: I am an emotional eater, although it is in control right now, I will never say that I am not one. When I get in an argument with my man, the first thought is usually I’M HUNGRY…even though I just ate!

By the time I am 18 I was sexually assaulted for more than half of that lifetime, by three different men. The only thing I controlled in my life for a long time was the food I put in my plate…therefore I let food control me and my emotions! I lost about 90 lbs a couple years before I lost 80lb in 2010, but I gained it all back because I never dealt with all the reasons as to why I was eating. But now I have done the work inside and out. I used journalling, counseling, among other things to overcome it!

IS: Why do you think that so many women struggle with eating disorders? What would you like to tell them? How would you encourage them?

AR: I think that women lack control in their lives and of course the media has a HUGE part as to why women worry about what they look like! Back in the day, women were accepted as curvy and they were beautiful, now that is the complete opposite. I live in the fitness world which has a whole wack of body image problems on its own, people think that fit girls are happy with their bodies and they are wrong . Fitness industry people have the same problems as the rest. I work hard to love my body at all sizes, but it isn’t easy!

I would love to tell them that they are beautiful, they are not alone and that with work and support anything is possible!

IS: I bet that most people are interested in the way you eat and the way you train. Would you share with us how you eat in a day and what is your training philosophy?

AR: It totally depends on where I am in my training, right now I am 12 weeks out from a show so I am still eating quite a bit . I eat 8 times a day. Always having oatmeal and berries in the morning with egg whites. I change it up with tilapia, turkey, bison, steak, salmon, nuts, nut butters and protein shakes. I include cabs like brown rice, quinoa and yams along with lots of veggies and water! Training wise I am doing a five day spilt right now – Legs, Back, shoulders, arms, chest and leg conditioning. I combine that with conditioning classes at Are you Game.

IS: How has your health changed?

AR: I am definitely in better health. Not sure what else to say … my pulse sits between 45-55, I have energy and I am happy!

IS: What keeps you motivated to wake up every day, push yourself, work hard and chase your dreams? Where do you think that drive comes from?

AR: Setting goals keeps me motivated …. I have been a fighter since I was born, so I do think that the drive was always within me.

IS: How would you finish the sentence I love my body, because…

AR: I love my body because it’s one of a kind and it’s mine!

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