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Снежина Иванова
The beautiful Snejina Ivanova 🙂

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IS:How did you get involved in fitness? Have you done any other sports before that?

Snejina Ivanova: I got involved in fitness, because of my boyfriend. We’ve been together for more than 3 years. He is a Republical champion in bodybuilding here in Bulgaria and he has been an athlete for his entire life. I’ve practiced box and swimming for a short time.

IS: Do you follow a nutrition plan? What doe sit include?

SI: Yes, I follow a nutrition plan, but I wouldn’t call it a diet. It’s more of a lifestyle. I eat mainly meat, fish, eggs, rice, oats and a lot of veggies.

IS: Have you had problems with disordered eating habits?

SI: Yes, I’ve had problems- I used to eat everything in sight! 😉 Slowly, but surely I started removing unhealthy foods and now I feel great, my body as well.

IS: In your opinion why so many women have eating disorders? What would be your advice to them? How could they get out of the lonely world of eating disorders?

SI: In my opinion so many women have eating disorders, because they are not eating healthy or right. We live in a fast paced world and our days are so intense, and most women find it hard to constantly calculate and pay attention to their food. But after all our body is the only “house”, that you will reside until your last day on Earth and if we don’t take good care of it, where are we gonna live and how are we gonna persevere our health? That’s why my advice to you ladies is- DO NOT starve, but do not indulge in everything in sight. Eat organic and healthy foods. Find at least 2-3 hours a week to work out.

Snejina Ivanova 🙂

IS: How do people around you accept your lifestyle and the way you eat? Do they accept it or are they being judgmental?

SI: People around me are amazed by my will and they think it is something really difficult, but when you make it a lifestyle, everything is so pleasant and valuable. I do not go out to discos or parties, but I do not judge people who do it. Everybody has different interests. People aren’t meant to be the same.

IS: Have you ever been afraid of lifting weights, because you might become too bulky? What would you tell women, who fear heavy weights?

SI: I’ve never been afraid of becoming too muscular. This is a myth! You can’t build muscles that easy. I like women with more muscle mass, and probably this is one of the reasons, I’ve never been concerned about it. And when it comes to women who are afraid of getting bulky- don’t worry! There isn’t such a danger. With the right nutrition and workout program, you will become fitter and feel awesome.

Snejina is a true example how weights and healthy eating, only make you look better!

IS: How would you describe your training philosophy?

SI: Workouts are discipline, a way of life, they build character and make your body and your mind stronger!

IS: How has your life changed, since you started working out and eating healthy?

SI: My life has changed for the better. I do not get sick very often, I have stronger will and I feel great.

IS: Have you ever had a moment in your life, when you wanted to be like everybody else- to stay up late every night, go out partying and eat whatever is in sight, instead of working so hard in the kitchen and in the gym?

SI: Absolutely NOT! Even before I became an active athlete, I’ve never had the desire to go out partying, stay up late or waste my time. I used to eat unhealthy, but I do not miss this lifestyle in any way!

IS: What gives you motivation to wake up every morning and chase your dreams?

SI: My motivation is what I see in the mirror… that I am getting better every single day. My family, which is always there for me and my boyfriend- Vassil Tonev, who is the reason behind my success. We are always together, we always help each other. He is my coach and my best friend.

IS: How would you finish the sentence “I work out, because…:?

SI: I work out, because sport makes me happy. My goals are to continue doing what I do, and never stop working out!

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