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Sometimes when I read some of the popular diets, widely spread in the media, I really feel the urge to start hitting my head in the keyboard and I wonder how it is possible for somebody to write so much shitty stuff and in the same time to just fool people around!

How many of you, have tried a diet, that you found in a magazine or on the internet? I bet that there isn’t a person that at some point of his life, tried such a diet! I think that it is not necessary to ask if you got results, because if it was true, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now!

If you’ve already understood why the cookie diet, the cabbage diet , the cherry diet and so forth don’t work, that’s great! But if you still haven’t figured it out, I am gonna give it a shot and try to open your eyes with a couple obvious, but often underestimated facts!

Before I keep on going, I want to warn you that in the lines below, when I say “diet” I will mean the widely spread meaning of the word, i.e. a way of eating, that I will follow for a month or two and when I lose the weight I will go back to my “normal” eating!

1. Diets are a short term solution and they can’t help you sustain the results in the long term!

Do you think that I am wrong? Tell me how many people could live on a chocolate diet for a lifetime? Or a cabbage diet?

And let’s say that you follow the diet for a week or two and you notice some results. After that you decide that you’ve reached your goal and you can go back to your normal way of living and eating! What’s next? Slowly but surely your old bad habits are creeping back, and the pounds start packing, and finally you end up where you started- overweight and miserable!

And let’s keep in mind how unhealthy could be those kind of diets and how they rob your body and health!

2.Diets aren’t meant to help you.

Shocking, but the mere truth! After all we live in a world where everybody is trying to earn some money, even if it is for the sake of somebody else! All diets, that call for you to buy supplements, desserts and so forth have just one goal! To get your money!

Even if you do not realize it, they are just trying to make you feel dependent on those products. “If I don’t buy “…(insert the name of a supplement or a fitness bar and so forth), I will gain weight again and I will be fat and miserable forever!”

3.Diets are not meant to help you become healthy

The first and most important thing about keeping the weight off is to be healthy. As weird as it may sound, excess weight is a symptom of a disease- even if it is a metabolic damage!

It is well known that a lot of people dislike physical activity and making effort, which makes them search for an easy way to achieve their goals. Diets, that promise you to lose 15 pounds in 7 days, without exercising, can’t help you!

Even if I agree with the fact that losing weight, could be achieved with right eating habits, without exercising, I do not agree with stimulating laziness! Besides that physical activity, no matter what kind of it is a MUST for the health of a person!

4.Diets don’t lead to a lifestyle change.

Why do you think that you’ve been struggling for years to lose the weight PERMANENTLY? You try a diet after a diet and it is always a matter of time, for things to go bad again! Well the reason is that the diets you follow do not lead to a lifestyle change! It is pure madness to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome! What makes you think that if you starve yourself for 10 days, lose some weight and then go back to your old, bad, nutrition habits, you won’t gain weight again?

If you want to get healthier and get rid of the unwanted weight permanently, you need to change your bad habits! You need to get rid of the food that is harming you and substitute it with food that nourishes your body!

5.Diets make you feel guilty

Yes, they really do it! Remember the last time when you were on a diet and you ate a piece of chocolate or a handful more of cherries. How did you feel? Like a total failure?

That is because you do not know how your body functions and what it needs. You do not eat to nourish your body and you are constantly feeling the urge to fill your emotional emptiness with unhealthy food.

Besides that these diets make you starve and there always comes a point when you “screw things up” and eat something “you were not supposed to eat”.

If you follow a nutrition plan, that is healthy for real, you wouldn’t need junk food and you would be aware that food is a circumstance for good health, and getting rid of unwanted fat is just a consequence of good health and not an end in itself!

.Do you still think that your “diet” is gonna work?

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