Why Your Weight Loss Diet Doesn't Work( and Probably Will Never Work)?

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Sometimes when I read some of the popular diets, widely spread in the media, I really feel the urge to start hitting my head in the keyboard and I wonder how it is possible for somebody to write so much shitty stuff and in the same time to just fool people around!

How many of you, have tried a diet, that you found in a magazine or on the internet? I bet that there isn’t a person that at some point of his life, tried such a diet! I think that it is not necessary to ask if you got results, because if it was true, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now!

If you’ve already understood why the cookie diet, the cabbage diet , the cherry diet and so forth don’t work, that’s great! But if you still haven’t figured it out, I am gonna give it a shot and try to open your eyes with a couple obvious, but often underestimated facts! (more…)

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