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Yesterday while I was reading my daily dose of articles, I stumbled upon an article, that is something between a tragedy and comedy or let’s make up a word tragicomedy( that is the word that would describe the case). The article is about a lady who managed to suit Ferrero( the company that manufactures the chocolate Nutella) for $3 millions. She claims that she was misled by Nutella’s commercial, that it is a healthy food and for about 4 years she fed her daughter with it, thinking it is good for her!

Sometimes I wonder how such absurd situations are even possible? How is it possible for a reasonable person, to be misled that Nutella is healthy? Here is the “misleading” commercial that led to four years of “healthy eating”!

It is funny how people blame others and search for their rights, where nobody actually took their rights away. When did we come here? Did we got so far that we forget how to use our own brains, and a sentence in a simple ad, that is meant to sell the product, could blind us, forcing us deny the obvious- Nutella is not healthy, no matter if it contains added fiber, no matter if in the commercial you can see energetic and happy kids, enjoying their breakfast!

Let’s be serious. Nutella is not broccoli. Pizza is not a vegetable. Sugary lemon slices are not fruits! It is about time to stop blindly believing commercials, because I think that so far we should have understood that the main goal of these videos is to sell. And as we know “ The goal justifies the means!”

No matter how they try to convince you that chocolate is inevitable for a healthy and balanced diet… how cereals will help you cure your stomach aches… how children’s yogurts that are full of sugar and artificial colors are made of real fruits and have tons of minerals and vitamins… THINK WITH YOUR OWN HEAD!

Where in the nature, are you gonna find chocolate in a jar? Where in the nature, are you gonna find pizza that is growing on a tree or out of the ground? Where in the nature are you gonna see mayo with added fibers?

Stop looking for excuses for being unconcerned and uninformed! Nobody and nothing is capable of manipulating your opinion, unless you let this happen!

Take some time and read how each food affects your health! Search for trustworthy resources and do not trust people, who promote different products. They will say anything you wanna here, just so you buy it!

In case you still think that Nutella is healthy, read 9 ways to recognize real food!

And here is a video that will move you to tears!

Do you think Nutella is healthy and do you let commercials rule your mind?

Ако статията ви е харесала, споделете я с приятелите си. Благодаря, че помагате да достигне до повече хора.

Ines Subashka

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  1. P

    Great article!

    But I got one objection – with the same logic, where in our nature are you going to find roasted chicken. Where in our nature you are going to find scrambled or boiled eggs.

    That’s right. You can’t. You process them and consume the result, same with the chocolate. Not saying that eating chocolate is that healthy, but surely making nature and natural products references as something healthy isn’t the best thing you can do.

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