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I will start this post, by making a statement: EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS ACHIEVABLE! Everything!

Every time when we encounter a difficulty to achieve something, the reason is that we are way too focused on searching for excuses, instead of finding solutions.

Actually, success is usually achieved, not by those who have the perfect circumstances and resources in abundance, but by those who use what’s available, optimally well and then achieve maximum results, with what they have.

You want to be in shape, but you’ve given up trying? Let me guess why! You do not have the right genetics! No matter what you do, nothing seems to work.

The victim inside of you speaks and whispers you:

-why am I not like John, who eats so much but never gains weight;

-Í work out so much, but nothing seems to happen;

-everybody in my family is obese, so I am genetically predisposed to gain weight;

-none of my family members is an athlete, that’s why I can’t be one;

-and so forth.

Actually, what we believe is what we become. A person is a result of his own convictions and nothing more!

Believe that you are not athletic; that you cannot lose weight; that you are cursed to have diabetes as everybody else in your family and this is exactly what your state of being will be.

You know that I love the topic about genetics and I read a lot about preprogramming of your genes or in other words, epigenetics- i.e. how the environmental factors, influence the expression of your genes.

Some time ago, I encountered a picture on Facebook, which stated this:

-Diabetes runs in my family!

-No! The problem is that nobody runs in your family!


The picture was funny, but the message was really meaningful. You have each one of the diseases that “run” in your family, not because you inherited them, but because you inherited their lifestyle- with all their unhealthy habits and behavior, which is running their health.

There is something like a proverb, that genes are the bullets, and lifestyle is the gun that shoots them.

Your lifestyle, the environmental signals, which the body receives, are what transmits information to your body- about the environment you live in, what you need and what functions are supposed to work in your body, so it can guarantee what you need for survival.

The worse is your lifestyle; the more your lifestyle leads to a mismatch with the lifestyle, which evolution encoded in each one of your cells, the more your body will feel in danger. Then, the registered information about danger, will activate mechanisms and processes in your body, which will block a bunch of functions, which are considered secondary, so it can direct all the resources and efforts towards the vital once- those, which guarantee you existence, but not sterling living.

Lately, I read a lot about diseases and their origin. The puzzle, which this information put together, leads to the fact, that in reality each one of the Neolithic diseases is a genetically programmed mechanism for survival. Yes, you read it! Diseases used to be something like a mechanism, which unlocks when particular circumstances are available, so it can keep us save from destruction. Diseases are actually a symptom. They are something like a cry from our body, which is trying to drag our attention and direct it towards what we are doing wrong; how with our actions we are ruining our wellbeing.


Here, I will mention something about diabetes, which will make you think deeper and change your point of view about diseases. I guess that most of view are aware that million years ago, when an asteroid hit the Earth, it wiped out the dinosaurs and the climate changed drastically.

Each change in the environment is accompanied by an accelerated change in epigenetics- i.e. how genes and the body adapt to the new conditions.

Let’s get back on diabetes. Diabetes, used to be something like a save mechanism, a result from our ancestor’s adaptation to colder climate. Higher levels of blood glucose, allow a person to better deal with colder climate, because it lowers the freezing point of blood. It acts like a natural antifreeze, which allows life to exist, even when it is extremely cold.

Nowadays, the climate is really different and global warming is the new rule. Diabetes and higher blood sugar levels, are not a condition, which is good for our bodies, when the climate has a tendency to become warmer.

I diverted from the main topic, but I consider this to be really interesting and if more doctors looked on diseases from the point of evolution and their origin, probably health without pils wouldn’t be an utopia.

Let me get back on genes!


You think that you are not genetically predisposed to be in great shape, right? Actually you are wrong!

Probably, you are not capable of becoming 20 centimeters taller, but what you can do, is use your resources optimally- i.e. make the most out of your body.

If you change your lifestyle, you change the informational input in your body. Then, you change the way it functions. It turns out that you become a direct participant in which genes are expressed and which are left dormant.

The way your body reacts, depends on the information, which you provide with your decisions and the actions you make.

If in your family, everybody is obese, has diabetes and high blood pressure, this doesn’t mean that your fate should be the same.

Instead of being inactive, as your parents probably are, start doing more physical activity.

Instead of eating crappy food, start taking more time to prepare and eat real food.

We should use our relatives and their state of being, not as an excuse for our inability to achieve something, but as an opportunity to look on our own self from the side. Then, we should identify how our life resembles theirs and what is the common between us and them- which are the positives and which are the negatives of the convictions and habits we inherited.

The problem cannot be solved on the same level, that it appeared.

“Ïnhereted diseases”, cannot be cured, unless you step away and see yourself from the view of a side viewer. Then, be honest with yourself and state where you did wrong.

Genes can determine a bunch of appearance factors, they can outline a frame, in which our life can develop, but our actions and our choices, determine if the frame will become narrower and thus squeeze us in the corner of our own existence or if it will give us room and allowance to develop the way we want!

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