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1.You have bad relationship with… YOURSELF

Yes, you understood me! As lame as this may sound, if you don’t like yourself and if you can’t stand the person you are, you are hardly ever gonna achieve what you want! If you give it a thought, I doubt it that you even know exactly what you want, because you always find something you don’t like about yourself and you are never content with who you are. Nowadays emotional eating is a big problem. As you know from one of my last posts, I struggled with emotional eating for a long time. It definitely interfered with my progress and my body composition goals. After all, nutrition plays a big role, when you aim for a fit and healthy body. If every time when something disappoints you, you redirect the negativity towards yourself, trying to avoid your problems, by eating, no matter how much you train, the results want be satisfying!

Start loving yourself! You have absolutely no idea what a wonderful feeling that can be! Look yourself in the mirror and love what you see! Even if you don’t look exactly the way you want to, tell yourself “Well, I have some cellulite but with my new eating habits and my intense workouts, it will be gone soon!”

It seems like pure madness, but the more positive thoughts you have about yourself, the better you are gonna feel and the more you will use food for fuel and not to fill emotional emptiness!

Read this:

Food for comfort? NO MORE!

You can’t fix a body you hate

2.You train A LOT, but the wrong way

Yes, that is the most common problem. You are hardworking, you are not lazy and you really want to achieve your goal. You give your best, but who cares when you are on the wrong path? You are hardly ever getting, where you are headed! If every single day, you go to run for countless hours, you go around all the machines in the fitness and so on… I am telling you, you are not getting anywhere close to a fit body! And tell you the truth, you really don’t need to waste so much effort!

It is a wrong assumption, that in life you have to fight and struggle in order to succeed. It is true, just in case you are trying to achieve your goal the wrong way.

If you work out the right way, you could use less effort and spend less time in the gym and you will still have big success! Train with compound movements, with big weights! Do intense, but short workouts. For more information read these articles:

What Is the Missing Link in Your Workouts?

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3.You are looking for fast results

Why do you rush things? You have plenty of time to do it! Enjoy the ride, don’t rush through it! Fast results, usually require a lot of extremes and not so healthy methods. Yes, for a short time you might get the results you want, but soon you will be back to your old, unsatisfied YOU!

Strive to make nutrition and workouts a lifestyle. Thus it won’t be a burden to work out or eat healthy. It will be just part of who you are, it will be a vital necessity and something that makes you feel good. And thus, you will achieve your goal for a fit, healthy body, without even noticing it. You will finally feel satisfied. You will save yourself a lot of pain and disappointment!

After all when you were in high school, nobody made you learn all the math formulas in a day, right? They taught you one formula, after another, step by step, till everything became second nature! And imagine if you were supposed to learn everything in just one hour? Probably you would remember some of the formulas for a short period of time, and after that you would have forgotten everything! It is the same with workouts and nutrition! The more you want out of your body in a short period of time, the more it will resist the change!

If you don’t believe read this:

Short term goals, lead to short term results

Did you recognize yourself in some of the three reasons?

And one picture from my walk yesterday 🙂



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