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I am constantly writing posts, trying to give you more information, which could help you discover the pieces of knowledge that you need and then apply them in your life, in order to feel better.

Still, I often need to guess what you’d find interesting and what you actually need. This is why, I decided to ask you directly. Here is the question I asked last week, your questions and my answers.

Write down the difficulties you have, when it comes to your nutrition and then I will answer all your questions. It’s your turn to ask!

Denitza Kafelova: Inertia. Sporadic eating and then overeating at night.

This is one of the most common problems- “the lack of time”. The lack of time has its own synonymous- lack of priority- not as a whole, but the failure to place nutrition and health as a priority.

We often, place all other tasks in the first places of our daily schedule and we forget about our own needs.Here, I will once again remind you, that the more you take care of yourself and the better you feel, the more productive you will be in your workplace and the longer, you will be capable of doing what you love.

Put yourself off, because of your work and soon, you will be forced to put off your life, in order to cure yourself and recover the damages you’ve done to your body- a mission which could never end the way we wish it could.

Eating big quantities at night, is due to not enough eating during the day- the body is starving for energy. Just the way, when we deprive our own self from emotions, then we need twice the quantity, in order to feel content. The body, works the same way, when we deprive it.

Place yourself and your health on top in your list of priorities- then, everything will go smoother and easier.

Milena Todorova: With one word- Chocolate! I can’t help it…

I used to think the same. Back in the days, I was impressed with people who didn’t deprive themselves from junk food, but they just didn’t have the need and the desire to eat it. It turned out, that everything comes up to the habit. While we think that we can not go without something, this will be a fact. The moment, when we admit its possibility, we find the way to exclude it from our life. Read this postwhich will help you understand your own self and your “inability”to quit eating chocolate.

Th other reason, might be the fact that you don’t eat enough of the foods your body needs in order to be nourished. Read this post, that I previously wrote about chocolate cravings.

Do you crave sweets? Here is the reason WHY!

Denitsa Dimova: Snacking between meals.

Snacking between meals is due to three things: 1.not eating enough food in your main meals; 2.a habit; 3.boredom.

1.If the reason is that you are not eating enough food in your main meals, try increasing the amount of food you eat for breakfast and lunch. Add more good fats- more pork, fatty fish, avocado,coconut, butter.

2.If the reason is a habit, the first couple days, it will be difficult to alter it. It requires a little bit more consciousness and will. When THE TIME comes, instead of eating, do a set of push-ups, a handstand or go down and up the stairs- just create a new habit. I love saying that “what fires together, wires together”. It is the same with habits. Break the old bond and create a new one.

3.If the reason is boredom, then remember, that “only boring people, get bored”. There is no such thing as boredom. The world is an abundance of opportunities and in every single moment, we have the freedom to do a bunch of things. Probably, the boredom, comes out of the fact, that you don’t have a desire o do what you are imposing on yourself in that particular moment. Give yourself 10-15 minutes to do something else. The boredom will pass by and you will get back to your tasks, refreshed.

Alexander Bichev: Increasing active body weight, without increasing body fat percentage.; Not eating enough calories, from fat and carbs, on a High Fat- Low Carb diet and the problems that follow it.  

The problems with increasing your active body weight, are usually due to not enough eating. People who have “problems” with gaining weight, are usually fooling themselves, that they eat enough.Increase the quantity of food you eat.

The problem with increasing your active weight is a combination of nutrition and working out. Probably, something in your workout is not right- is your technique good? Do you perform the exercises slowly, in a controlled manner, or are you just sprinting through exercising, taking advantage of inertia? Do you train with adequate weight? Do you perform too many reps? Maybe you are over-training in your desire to progress and you are just stressing your body. Ask better questions and the answers will come to you.

Not eating enough calories is due to the fact that you are not eating enough or that you understand the HFLC diet in a wrong way. If you eat pork, eggs with the yolks, fatty fish and you use butter and avocado, then eating enough calories, will be a piece of cake. What probably happens is that you are still a slave of the notion that fats are bad and even though you are consciously trying to eat a high fat diet, your unconscious is sabotaging you- thus, you cut, both your carbs and your fat intake and you are left without energy.

Debora Krusteva: After one month, my body gets exhausted and I feel terribly hungry. I start indulging in food and everything gets back to where I started.

The reason is one- a bad structured nutrition plan. The nutrition plan, by itself, suggests that you eat foods, which are calorie dense and nourishing. Feeling exhausted is a sign of deprivation.

Start eating more. Eat for health, not for weight loss. A healthy body, functions better and it always looks better. Do not go on a diet with a deadline ( read about the diet without deadline). Instead, change your lifestyle and make it a philosophy, not a caprice.

El van der Waal: Before my monthly period, I can eat all day long, whatever is in sight. Especially carbs, bread and sweets. 

One of the main problems, comes from the fact that we don’t have enough knowledge about our own body and the way it functions. We are trying to impose a static diet on a body, which is a personification of dynamic. Read this post: Women, carb cravings, estrogen, progesteron: How this matters about your diet?

If you know your body better and the way it changes, you will be able to eat in a way, which won’t resemble a fight with your own nature and own body.

Antonely- Plamena Markova: The nutrition plan you recommend is great. I do not feel hungry, but it is really boring. I can’t eat the same thing every day. I love healthy food and variety. 

Boring food is a matter of imagination and execution. Maybe it i snot the nutrition plan that is boring, but the way you apply it makes it seem this way. If you think that healthy, means just boiled eggs- yes, you will get sick of them. Cooking is an art and just eggs and veggies, are enough, to help you create, hundreds, of different meals. And because this is a common “problem”I already wrote a whole post on the topic: Do You Think That Being On A Diet Is Boring? Check Out How to Change It?

Inna Diamandieva: I don’t know what to change in my nutrition, in order to remove the last fat, left on my belly- should I count calories- I do not overeat, I eat mainly eggs, bacon, butter, meat, fish, veggies…

Maybe you shouldn’t do anything with your food. Having more fat is always an indication that we are not doing something right- that we are moving against our own nature. Probably you are not sleeping enough; you are going to bed too late; you are drinking too much coffee.. Do you spend enough time in nature or you are constantly exposed to non native electromagnetic fields( read more HERE)?

Sometimes, the reason is not the food we eat. Probably you are working out way too much and you are stressing your body.

Probably, you don’t even have fat that you need to get rid of. Maybe you have a twisted idea of the way you look and the way you are supposed to look!

Bianka Ivanova: My problem is that when I eat mainly veggies, I get bloated. 

The question is why do you eat mainly veggies? Do you think that this is the equivalent of healthy? I love veggies and I don’t eat without a salad. Still, the try to fill our stomach with veggies, and limiting the quantity of the more calorie dense food, is an extreme, which is obviously leading to discomfort.

Eat, enough meat, fish and eggs. Use the veggies as garnish, not as a main dish. We are neither herbivores, nor predators- we are omnivores!

Desislava Aleksandrova: I am a vegetarian. I’ve never eaten meat and it disgusts me. I can feel the negatives of not eating animal protein. What am I supposed to do?

Maybe, you should try to understand yourself better. What is it that makes the meat seem disgusting? Go back in the past and see where it all started- did somebody make you believe meat is bad? No matter what is the reason, you should find the roots of the problem and then deal with it.

For the past two years, I’ve been training with a wonderful woman, who used to be a vegan for 17 years. She had health problems when we started working together. I spoke to her and gradually, she started eating some fish and some eggs. Then she started eating fatty fish. I still remember, the first time when she sent me a picture of her first bite of beef. She was so happy! Nowadays she eats, even, pork and her health is better than ever! Just start changing slowly!

Nikolai Gushlekov: Personally, I do not have any difficulties with my nutrition- quickly and easily, I can eat everything I get my hands on.

This really made me laugh. 🙂 I am not sure if, Nikolai, expects an answer or it is just a joke. Still, thank you for your response and for the humor.

Mimi Alexieva: Ines, for the past year, I’ve been following your nutrition plan and your workouts really helped me get fitter. I feel and look better but my cholesterol is still out of norm. 

The increase in cholesterol, is not directly linked to the consumption of fat. I’ve written before, how cholesterol is something like a band- aid in the body. ( Eggs and Cholesterol- Who Is The Bad Guy?)

I will try to explain, in short, what is the reason behind higher cholesterol levels.

From an evolutionary standpoint, the body functions in a way, that always favors the production of cortisol, before the the production of other hormones, received from the same precursor. In this case, the precursor is pregnenolon. Pregnenolon is formed from cholesterol, and it is formed from LDL ( which we falsely call BAD cholesterol), Every time, when the body is stressed or inflames, it up- regulates the production of cholesterol, so it can produce more life- saving hormones.  In a period of stress or inflammation, the LDL levels, always increase in order to keep the cells save and help them produce more cholesterol, which could help in the formation of hormones.

When you’re stressed for any reason Pregnenolone will be converted into Cortisol – hence cortisol steal syndrome.This provides a feed back loop to your adrenal glands, pitituatary and hypothalmus which tells your liver to make more LDL so it can make up for the loss of steroid hormones due to the pregnenolone steal; this then becomes a do-loop and will continue until the underlying issue is resolved.

That’s why, the reason for higher cholesterol levels, might be found in a different place- if everything else is ok, probbaly the reason is too much stress, low vitamin A levels or problems with the thyroid.

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