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You woke up this morning with a big enthusiasm to work out, didn’t you? But soon after that you looked through the window and you saw it’s raining ( or at least that was the forecast for today (here in Bulgaria))! Oh, how sad! Your plans are ruined! It is getting cold outside, it’s raining and it’s over with your life! Come on! That is nonsense!

It always looks strange to me, how people justify their laziness with the bad weather, and use it as an excuse to stay at home! It reminds me how most people hardly, dread through the work week, eagerly anticipating the weekend, so they can live again! You are doing exactly the same thing! The whole autumn and winter, you are barely existing, feeling sad and unsatisfied and you are eagerly anticipating for the summer, so you could once again take care of yourself!

Personally I LOVE working out in the rain! I love hill sprints in the rain, I love flipping tires in the mud and swinging kettlebells under the raindrops! After all, what is the problem? I will get dirty and I will just change my clothes after that!

Even when it comes to working out when it is colder, we are following the common sense- when it is cold, we should stay at home! Come on! Don’t you remember how when you were kids you could hardly wait to go outside and jump in the puddles? Well, today you have this chance and you are finding lame excuses, to never fulfill your childhood dream!

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This spring, I had a workout with some of my clients, when it started pouring outside. Everybody that was there, and wasn’t part of our group, started running, searching for a place to hide. And we kept practicing without getting bothered by the rain. After that we made a competition with truck tires in the mud, we jumped in the puddles and we had a blast!

Besides that when it gets colder, even though I am that kind of crazy person, who trains outside even when there is snow, I am not forcing you to stay outside, freezing. But that doesn’t mean to ditch the workouts!

Nowadays there are so many alternatives to working out! Go to the gym and lift weights, go boxing, go dancing. For example, when it gets colder, I intend on substituting some of my sprint workouts with swimming! Yes, it is not exactly the same, but I still could do some swimming intervals, and besides that I will remind myself about the three years I spent as a competitive swimmer! 

You are thinking, that you don’t need to work out in the winter. After all you are always dressed with a bunch of clothes, and not many people get to see your fit body… and I will answer you that you are doing it for YOURSELF! Don’t forget that everything you do in life, you do it mainly for yourself! Stop using the lame phrase “it is better to be ashamed for two weeks at the seaside, than sweat the whole year in the gym”.

Personally, when the winter comes, I’d rather see myself in the mirror and be proud of the reflection, and not be ashamed with the unfit reflection in the mirror.

I want to walk on the street with confidence, because I am taking care of my body and I feel good in my skin!

I want to feel satisfaction with the effort I make in the gym!

When the weather is cold, I want to keep on doing what brings me pleasure- working out, and not get stuck in the house, giving in to depression, because of the bad weather!

When it is cold outside, I want to feel happy inside, because I am living the way I want and because I am not letting some stupid weather to rule my life, and interfere with my plans and busy schedule!

Well, it is colder outside! What’s your choice? Are you gonna go out and live or stay at home and just exist?

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