4 Reasons You Can't Stay Motivated to Work Out

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This morning, headed to the gym 🙂

1.You don’t have a goal

As it is said, when you don’t know where you are going, every path will take you there! I’ve noticed that even in life, when a person doesn’t have a goal, he/she usually can’t achieve the satisfaction and happiness he/she is looking for! What happens is that every day you start with something new, at the beginning you are full of enthusiasm and then you quit in front of the first obstacle you face!

It is the same with workouts! When you don’t know what you want to achieve, even the smallest obstacle, has the strength to break you down, because you don’t have a reason, that could give you strength to move forward, towards your goal every single day… to search for new ways and methods to achieve it!

The goal could be a general one or a more specific goal. For example, I work out in order to be healthy and athletic. And by this I mean to have an athletic appearance, as well as the ability to control my body and endure different physical activities! From that goal on, I have smaller goals- like handstand walking, but it is derived from my MAIN goal!

2.You work out because it is a trend, not because you want it

A lot of people ask me how I find the motivation to work out so much. They always make excuses, how they don’t have time, how they feel lazy and so on. In my opinion, everything comes to your inner voice. If deep inside of you, you don’t feel the need to do something, and you are just influenced by some kind of trend, it is absolutely normal to find it hard to stick to it long enough!

For example I am not a fashion diva 😉 and I could buy (more…)

A "Recipe" Against Autumn Depression

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You woke up this morning with a big enthusiasm to work out, didn’t you? But soon after that you looked through the window and you saw it’s raining ( or at least that was the forecast for today (here in Bulgaria))! Oh, how sad! Your plans are ruined! It is getting cold outside, it’s raining and it’s over with your life! Come on! That is nonsense!

It always looks strange to me, how people justify their laziness with the bad weather, and use it as an excuse to stay at home! It reminds me how most people hardly, dread through the work week, eagerly anticipating the weekend, so they can live again! You are doing exactly the same thing! The whole autumn and winter, you are barely existing, feeling sad and unsatisfied and you are eagerly anticipating for the summer, so you could once again take care of yourself!

Personally I LOVE working out in the rain! I love hill sprints in the rain, I love flipping tires in the mud and swinging kettlebells under the raindrops! After all, what is the problem? I will get dirty and I will just change my clothes after that!

Even when it comes to working out when it is colder, we are following the common sense- when it is cold, we should stay at home! Come on! Don’t you remember how when you were kids you could hardly wait to go outside and jump in the puddles? Well, today you have this chance and you are finding lame excuses, to never fulfill your childhood dream!

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This spring, I had a workout with some of my clients, when it started pouring outside. Everybody that was there, and (more…)

What Keeps Me Motivated to Train? Check Out and Try It Yourself!

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I don’t train to look good…

I don’t train to attract attention…

I don’t train because it is trendy…

I train because it is in the gym, where I feel complete. It is the only place where an entire life can be compressed into a few hours, where the emotions of a lifetime can be felt on an acre or two of ground- hope, satisfaction, disappointment, fear, triumph, doubt…

I train because during (more…)

Interview with Zach Moore: The Life Where Limitations Don't Exist

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Zach Moore

The world is full of sadness, hardships, broken hearts and tears. The worl is full of people believing in limitations and never daring to reach their full potential! The world, though, is full of beauty, opportunities,dreams and people who trust that limitations don’t exist! Тoday I have the great opportunity to introduce you Zach Moore! One of the most inspiring people I’ve ever had the chance to talk to! Zach is a strength and conditioning coach, helping people discover their endless strength and live the life they’ve imagined. He was born missing the lower part of his arm, but he never let that become his limitation or his excuse! Read the great interview with Zach and take away some of the hope, the desire and the determination that this guy will give you!

Ines Subashka: Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

Zach Moore: (more…)

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