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Записването е успешно

This morning, headed to the gym 🙂

1.You don’t have a goal

As it is said, when you don’t know where you are going, every path will take you there! I’ve noticed that even in life, when a person doesn’t have a goal, he/she usually can’t achieve the satisfaction and happiness he/she is looking for! What happens is that every day you start with something new, at the beginning you are full of enthusiasm and then you quit in front of the first obstacle you face!

It is the same with workouts! When you don’t know what you want to achieve, even the smallest obstacle, has the strength to break you down, because you don’t have a reason, that could give you strength to move forward, towards your goal every single day… to search for new ways and methods to achieve it!

The goal could be a general one or a more specific goal. For example, I work out in order to be healthy and athletic. And by this I mean to have an athletic appearance, as well as the ability to control my body and endure different physical activities! From that goal on, I have smaller goals- like handstand walking, but it is derived from my MAIN goal!

2.You work out because it is a trend, not because you want it

A lot of people ask me how I find the motivation to work out so much. They always make excuses, how they don’t have time, how they feel lazy and so on. In my opinion, everything comes to your inner voice. If deep inside of you, you don’t feel the need to do something, and you are just influenced by some kind of trend, it is absolutely normal to find it hard to stick to it long enough!

For example I am not a fashion diva 😉 and I could buy a particular shirt, because it is fashionable, but I do not feel the inner want to do it and I would quickly give up on renewing my wardrobe with the speed of the fashion tendencies!

Because when the motivation comes from within, this is YOUR OWN decision and it has a long term aspect! And when it comes from the outside, it is a short term decision and it is more like a caprice.

3.You don’t work out at the right place or the appropriate way

Ballet is also a physical activity, but if you see me dancing, you would quickly understand why there isn’t a queue for me in front of the opera! If you picked up a form of physical activity, which does not fit you at all, the probability to achieve results, that will satisfy you aren’t big! And after all, in order to stick to something, a person needs to feel satisfaction, to notice his progress and the results of his efforts!

I’d recommend you to try different sports, until you find the one you like the most! But of course, first try with lifting weights! I promise you that you are gonna love it and you won’t need to search for something else! 😉

4. You don’t have your priorities straight

This comes from not having a defined goal. If workouts are something, that you occasionally insert in your schedule, it is absolutely normal when something else pops up, the first thing that you are gonna ditch to be your time for physical activity!

In my case for example, workouts are one of my biggest priorities! If I have to do something else, in the time frame that I usually work out, I immediately start making plans when and how I could fit a workout. If there is another gym somewhere closer, how much time I could save from other activities in order to have time to work out and so on! I would never tell myself <Well, today is gonna be a busy day, so I am not gonna work out!”. I’d rather say “Well, today is gonna be a busy day but I am still finding time to work out!”

There are a lot of reasons, but the first is that in order to stick to something long enough, you should really want it deep inside! It should be something you believe is gonna bring more meaning to your life, more happiness and satisfaction!

A lot of people take physical activity as some kind of torture… a burden! How could you wake up with enthusiasm to do something, that you consider to be so negative? Your inner voice is constantly gonna resist and it will use every opportunity to force you to give up!

So change your mindset! Instead of waking up, thinking “Oh, no! I really don’t feel like working out! I want to sleep!”, rather think “ I want to sleep more, but it is better to go to the gym, because after that I will feel energized and I am gonna be one step closer to my goal!” Do you see the difference? I feel like going to the gym, just by the thought of the UNIQUE feeling you get after a tough workout!

So take your shorts and your sneakers and let’s go to the gym! 😉

And in case you have some more time, read my latest interview for  Beautiful Magazine Online! 🙂

What do you think are the main reasons people find it so hard to stay motivated to work out?

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