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Една снимка от прекрасното ми пътешествие тази седмица :)
One picture of me from my wonderful trip this week 🙂

You know that I love reading. Last week I organized a charity initiative, here in my home town – Sofia, Bulgaria. I asked all of my Bulgarian followers, to take some time, and bring their favorite book- the one that changed their life. The book, which words pack the meaning they were looking for. The book, which lines managed to provoke the questions, that they needed to ask, in order to find the answers they were searching for. All the books, which we collected, will be given for charity today. They will become part of the library of an orphanage home, for children.

I am really thankful to everybody who took from their time and emotions, to personally bring the book. I heard all kind of comments about my initiative. Some of them were really skeptical. Comments like “How many children read?”; Ït is a good idea but I do not know how you will make these children to read.” and so forth, were the common opinions.

We gathered a lot of books. I am really happy with the books ( the headlines) you brought. It is obvious that every one of you picked valuable books. Books, among the pages of which, a person could find out more about his own self; a person could receive the opportunity to visit worlds, which seem unreachable in reality, and then close the pages, feeling a little bit more hopeful and confident in his own self and his ability to be the one he longs to be and live the life he dreams of.

Here are the books I gave for charity. One is “The School for Gods”, by Stephano D’Anna; The other one is Richard Branson’s biography and the third one is “The Power of Now “by Eckhart Tolle.


Do you know what? I don’t care how many children in the orphanage home read. I do not care how many books will be left to gather dust on the shelves. What matters for me and what I truly believe in, is that one day, some kid will feel the inner necessity to understand more; to learn more and to be more. What I truly believe in, is that one children will approach the books, which are patiently waiting for somebody to hold them, open them, so they can share the wisdom, which is imprinted on the white sheet.

What I truly believe in, is that the moment, some of the children reaches for some of the books, that we will give for charity today, time will take a deep breath; then it will stop and the Universe will rearrange itself. Because this will be the moment of a meeting between a human being, longing to be happy and a book, which is patiently waiting on the shelf, in order to prove that this is not an utopia, but a basic right of every one of us.

You might not even suspect, but what every one of you did and the time you took, to bring a book, is one of these “small good deeds”, which have the power to change the world.

Sometimes, we consider ourselves and our deeds for small and insignificant. I want to tell you, that we are all connected. Every person is a part of the perfect “mechanism”, which makes the world go round. Something like a watch, in which every part, even the smallest one is really significant. Something, like a watch, in which even when the smallest part is missing, the mechanism stops working and the wheel of time cannot be moved.

This is we and our deeds. Everything, which we do and everything we are is significant and has the potential to bring us to the change we long for.

Sometimes we underestimate the power of one person to change the direction of the whole world. Actually, this is not fantasy, but the mere reality.

Just think about it! If the book you gave for charity, gets in the hands of a child. If the words, manage to influence his mind and inspire him to act and become more, you’ve instantly changed one life. Then, his success, won’t be left unnoticed. In his life, there are many people, who will be inspired by him; people who will use the story of his life, as a proof that nothing is impossible.

Actually, we are like a net, where the good deed, made by one person multiplies-  it reaches two or three people…then, their deeds reach more people and this spreads through the whole net. In an instant, it turns out, that “the small deed”, which you made, moved the mechanism and set the beginning of a sequence of “small deeds”, which changed the life of many.

Never underestimate the power of “small deeds”. Each effort is worth being made, when it has the potential to change somebody’s life. It doesn’t matter how many people will be touched by your goodness. What matters is, that one person’s life should be touched. Then, the wheel starts moving and the world starts slowly moving upward- towards a brighter future.

And here are all the books we gathered.


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Ines Subashka

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