I Am Sorry! That Is WHat I Am Forced to Do with My Life!

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One of Leah VanHoose

When I was 12, they used to tell me that I am too young and that when I graduate school I will stop having such an “idealistic” view on life. I didn’t understand why they told me this! I graduated school, but nothing changed. I kept on looking on life, in the same positive way. Then, they once again told me that I am too young and that when I graduate college I will stop looking so “idealistically” on life… Time went by and I graduated. And what a surprise… the other day, they once again told me that I am too young and that I have to live a little longer, and then they say “I would realize how life will spin me and I will stop having such a positive and idealistic view on life.”

I don’t get it! Is everybody immortal and has everybody been living for centuries? Is that why they always tell me that I am “too young” and I haven’t seen enough? Probably when I turn 50, they will still tell me that I am too young and that I have to patiently wait, until my idealism is being crushed by the “ugly reality”.

I did not get it and I still don’t understand it…

… or actually I understand it. To see in another’ s body, your past. To see how your dreams from the past, your passion and desires “ran away” from your body and settled in the soul of somebody else. To go back in the past… on the crossroad, where misled by other “wise people, who have seen enough”, you abandoned your purpose in life and took the path… the path where it is crowded not by people with souls and dreams, but by bodies without goals and ambitions. On the path, that many are walking, but rarely somebody gets to arrive somewhere… the path, which is long, but which leads to nowhere!

Reality which truly is (more…)

That's What You Are Thinking, Right?

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“Don’t compare yourself to others! Compare yourself to the person from yesterday!”

You can’t do it!

It is too hard!

Many people tried, but failed!

They were better than you, but they still didn’t reach that goal!

How many times have you heard this? People that got scared of life, of dreams and of the unknown.

Elder people, yet people so small!

People that always search for a way to belittle your ambitions, for a way to make you a quitter, a mediocre person like them!

I want you to be deaf for their voices. I want you to hear nobody and nothing but the beat of your heart!

The sound of your heart beating, when the desire, the passion, the determination and bravery take over your body and mind!

They failed? So, what? You are not them! You are yourself! You have unique talents, personality, experience, goals and a path to walk!

There aren’t two dreams that are alike!

They might be similar, they might have something in common, but two people’s dreams are NEVER THE SAME!

The executor is different!

And that itself (more…)

Is That the Way You Feel Today?

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It’s Monday…


That’s how you feel, right?

The alarm is calling for you to get out of bed and face another day…

But your body is fighting and your mind is about to give up…


That’s your mind trying to make you rest, take it easy, stay in your comfort zone!


That is your weakness emerging, trying to take over your strength, your ambitions and your will!


That’s (more…)


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