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One of Leah VanHoose

When I was 12, they used to tell me that I am too young and that when I graduate school I will stop having such an “idealistic” view on life. I didn’t understand why they told me this! I graduated school, but nothing changed. I kept on looking on life, in the same positive way. Then, they once again told me that I am too young and that when I graduate college I will stop looking so “idealistically” on life… Time went by and I graduated. And what a surprise… the other day, they once again told me that I am too young and that I have to live a little longer, and then they say “I would realize how life will spin me and I will stop having such a positive and idealistic view on life.”

I don’t get it! Is everybody immortal and has everybody been living for centuries? Is that why they always tell me that I am “too young” and I haven’t seen enough? Probably when I turn 50, they will still tell me that I am too young and that I have to patiently wait, until my idealism is being crushed by the “ugly reality”.

I did not get it and I still don’t understand it…

… or actually I understand it. To see in another’ s body, your past. To see how your dreams from the past, your passion and desires “ran away” from your body and settled in the soul of somebody else. To go back in the past… on the crossroad, where misled by other “wise people, who have seen enough”, you abandoned your purpose in life and took the path… the path where it is crowded not by people with souls and dreams, but by bodies without goals and ambitions. On the path, that many are walking, but rarely somebody gets to arrive somewhere… the path, which is long, but which leads to nowhere!

Reality which truly is ugly, but reality which we choose! Why do we do it? Why do you do it?

Why are you trying to convince those, who in your eyes are “too young”, that the world is a terrible place to be; that to be alive is a curse and that dreams are stupid… just an unnecessary burden, which you should get rid of, on time, so you can save yourself from shattering on the ground, together with your purpose, slapped by the “ugly reality”?

Why don’t you use your “wise minds”, so you can help them walk their own path… so you can save them from taking the road you took… the road, that once you pick, you should leave your dreams behind and just put up with this. The road, on which being different is not acceptable. The road, where having your own opinion and own vision, comes close to being insane and is a sign of the refusal to look reality in the eyes.

It doesn’t matter if I am 12, 20 or 50 years old. I will still believe in myself and my dreams. I will still be confident, that a person defines the direction of his life, by himself. I will keep on encouraging others to see their true greatness. To realize that life is beautiful and that everything that happens, has the only goal to take us to our dreams… that sometimes the ruins… the shattering of years of hard work and persistence, are not a curse… nota  punishment or an obstacle! Just a necessity! The necessity for everything to crash down, so in the midst of the remains, you could se the sparkle of what you need. What you need in order to get where you are headed, but what somehow slipped from your hands through the years and you lost it.

Something like a spring cleaning… when among the piles of “junk”, which you are about to throw away, you find things of high value, which you searched for a long time, but you didn’t even suspect them to be there!

They say that in life “ you are forced to do” some things. That you “have to” do them and that’s why there is no time and place left for your dreams. You don’t have time to be yourself and to create the world you dream of!

Well, I will tell you that nothing forces you to do something! Everything is up to you! You decide what you will believe in! You decide what is the cause you are fighting for. You decide what you will chase. You decide with whom and what you will put up.

Or actually I lied! You are supposed to! You are supposed to be true to yourself and your own ideals! You are supposed to believe that life has a deeper meaning, than just the mere survival! You are supposed to listen to yourself and your own desires, and never allow the screaming of other people’s fears overtake your mind and rule you!

You are supposed to never allow yourself and people in your life, trust the notion of “being too young”.

Years do not define how big or how old a person is. The child with dreams… the child who passionately chases a goal, is much bigger, much older, than the person who is just floating with the current, putting up with everything that is on his way!

Accept everything, but do not put up with anything!

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