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A lot of people eagerly anticipate summer. For many, life can be divided in two phases – existing during the winter months, which has to do with staying indoors, the air conditioning is working at full speed and we are dressed up in a couple layers of clothes. The other phase is the life  during the hot months, when everybody is happy, everybody is eager to walking, traveling and enjoying the experience.

Everybody loves the mental, emotional and physical state during the summer months, but few could sustain this state during the winter. It turns out like that, because in order to sustain a particular state, you should know what is it that provokes it. And here come all the myths that we have fallen to believe in. The myths that are  the foundation of each one of our actions.

For many, the reason we do better with diets during the summer is that we eat more fruits and more “light food” as more people call it.

In reality, thinking about it, I decided to share with you the real reasons why it is easier to lose weight during summer time.

1.This is the only time, when we really eat seasonal foods

Just think about it. Summer is one of the only periods during the year, when we are in synchrony with nature or at least in a better synchrony with it. The time, when the food we eat, is the food nature gives us. I believe that food packages the information our body needs in order to function properly in any given conditions in our environment. That is exactly what happens during summer – most foods, which are rich in carbs are typical for warmer months, when the length of sunlight is bigger. This is no coincidence. This is the time of the year, when the body and nature prioritize increased consumption of carbs. When it comes to us, seasonality is absent, because we eat everything, all year round, in huge quantities.

But during warmer months, it happens that what we eat, matches what happens in nature.

2.We increase our physical activity

And here, I do not mean working out. Losing weight doesn’t happen only when we do exercise, but when we are moving enough. Actually, this has an overall great influence on our body and our mind, because movement is life. During the warmer months, people spend more time in the park, in the mountain and as a whole we move more. I do not know if you have noticed it, but when a person moves more, contrary to popular belief, he needs less food. Some of the reasons are not just the physiological changes in the body, but also the fact that we do not have time to eat from boredom, out of habit or due to emotions.

This is something we can replicate during the colder months – to move more. We could walk more, because colder months also allow us to be outdoors. We just need to be properly dressed.

3.We spend more time in nature

This is one of the most important things. Most problems come from the fact that we have distant ourselves from nature. I wrote a post about vitamin N, where I shared more on the topic. Here, I will share with you something else. Did you know that fat on the human body is actually a secondary form of fuel? From an evolutionary standpoint, fat is means for energy, when the body is away from nature and doesn’t have a direct connection with it. I’ve told you before, but we get energy from nature in the form of electrons. Because, even though in the fitness world is popular the opinion that protein, fat and carbs are our main fuel, in reality in nature the main energy comes from protons, photons and electrons.

Let us go back to the excess weight and losing weight. What happens During the winter, most people stay indoors – where it is comfy and warm. We live away from nature and we are constantly under the influence of technology and as you understood in this post, technology steals our energy. When the body lacks energy, it needs to get it from something else – thus, it starts gaining fat  and it gives us the energy that our environment steals.

This is the reason, why when we are on vacation or when we travel, we need less food in order to feel better and alive. Just think what we are actually doing while on the beach? This is equal to plugging ourselves in a switch – in our case in Earth and getting electrons (energy) from there.

If we want to not gain fat, all year long, we need to recharge ourselves in nature. So, no matter if it is winter or summer, we need to spend time in nature.

The connection with nature, has one more positive – good mood. A person feels great when he is surrounded by nature elements. This is the reason for biophilia in architecture – the incorporation of nature in the interior.

Our unconscious perceives everything and a person feels better and in peace, when he is a part of nature and not when he is isolated from it – the smells, sounds, symmetry in nature are something that our unconscious, our brain, DNA and every single cell perceive and interpret. Their absence is also being registered and it has a negative influence on our state of mind.

When a person feels good, he chooses better. When we are depressed, sad, tired, then it is more likely to choose unhealthy food and eat more and this directly influences our body and mind and it spins us in an enchanted circle.

4.Sun and light

Summer is the period, when we are exposed to more natural light. This is really important for our circadian rhythm (our biological clock). Our behavior is controlled by our hormonal levels and they are influenced by circadian rhythm. Which hormones are being released or not, depend on if our biological clock is winded with the natural rhythm of nature or not.

Artificial light is one of the main reasons for our health problems, sleep problems, gaining weight and having carb cravings.

When we spend more time outside, and summer time stimulates us to spend more time outside, then our senses, our cells (the cytochromes, which perceive the frequency of light and send signals to the brain about what part of the day is and what should happen), perceive light and transmit information to the brain, which the brain interprets and in response, in the body starts a cascade of processes, which lead to the release of hormones which aid in the proper functioning of the body.

Spending more time outside is not just a caprice – it is a necessity of the body and a premise for health.

We can derive the lesson, that spending more time in natural light, even in winter is equal to health. We should try to place our desk, closer to a window that allows daylight and sends the right information to the body.

5.The natural tendency to want to look better

We are under the constant influence of our ego and often times we do things not because of ourselves, but because of others. If a person does something for himself, then he will want to be in top shape during the whole year, because this makes him feel good, healthy, alive and satisfied. Then, we would make the effort to feel and look good – all the time.

Most people are slaves of their ego and they rely that during the winter they can hide under layers of clothes and only when the summer comes, they can start dieting, moving more and as a whole do wonders to be fitter. That is why you can notice the drastic change in their appearance – gaining weight in winter, then losing it in summer and so forth.


That is why you need to start doing everything for yourself –in the first place. Then you will notice that your behavior, your achievements and your state of mind is a constant with less amplitudes – up and down.

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