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“Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.”—Hippocrates 

The more I broaden my view and my knowledge, the more I gather experience, the more I realize that the biggest mistake humanity made, is the fact that we got disconnected with nature.

We live, as if we are separated from it. We live, as if every one of us exists independently from everything else. We stubbornly ignore the fact, that we are actually dependent on nature and that proportionally with its extinction, we lose our health and our ability to use the physical potential of our bodies.

In the future, I will try to gradually offer you a different perspective about a healthy lifestyle, diseases, weight and everything that intrigue us.

I will try to provoke your critical thinking and make you look in a different direction- to realize, just as I did, that good health and fitness, are not a result of diets and a lot of physical activity. I’d say that these are just the details.

Probably you’ve noticed how when you are in nature, when you are on a vacation, you feel extremely good. As if somebody “plugged” you and recharged your “batteries”. Actually, metaphorically said, that’s exactly what happens to the human body, when it has direct contact with nature and the Earth as a whole.

In most cases, people give the credit for the urge of energy, to the fact that they don’t work. Actually, I challenge you to try and feel it yourself, how when you go in  nature and you keep working, you will still feel great and you won’t experience the tiredness and the lack of motivation, that you feel when working in the office.

The reason behind this?

The reason is called electromagnetic fields. Please, do not close the post. Even if it sounds complicated, you don’t actually need to dig dip into the details. It is enough to get the meaning and give it some thought.

All living organisms on the planet, are influenced by electromagnetic fields- natural ( those coming from Earth- probably you remember from high school, that Earth has a negative charge and that it gives electrons) and artificial- those coming from technologies- here imagine your cell phone; Wifi- which has become the most vital necessity of our modern times; your PC and etc.

Here, I will once again mention that we rarely pay attention to the fact that we are connected with nature and that we are constantly exchanging energy with it- not because I am a fan of some kind of a spiritual cult, but because everything in the world comes up to physics and mathematics and the fact can’t be neglected.

In order to feel good, we need to have energy. If we lose energy, we start feeling bad, tired, our body suffers and we start getting ill.

When it comes up to energy, everybody imagines a chocolate and thinks that it is gonna recover our strength. Actually food is a secondary form of energy.

The main way, that we gain or lose energy is through the exchange of electrons, through the electromagnetic fields.

Why is that true?

We are once again talking in terms of physics. It is an interesting fact that the semiconductor of technologies I s made out of silicon, whereas the one of the living organisms is made out of carbon. What happens when you get your cell phone in your hands?

When two semiconductors are built from two different materials, and they are placed next to each other, one of the systems will lose electrons in favor of the other. Which one? The one which is built out of a material with less atomic mass. In this case silicon, has a bigger mass than carbon. This means that when we hold the cell phone, when we are surrounded by a bunch of WiFi-s and other artificial electromagnetic fields, our system, i.e. our body loses energy ( we lose electrons) and gives them to the semiconductors of technology.

It is time to talk about the mall. Have you noticed how you feel, when you spend time there? Personally, I rarely make trips to the mall. The rare cases, when I spend about 30 minutes there ( I love their huge bookstores), I start feeling sleepy and tired and I lose my desire and motivation.

The more I expand my knowledge in physics and chemistry, the more I understand the reason. The mall is a sea of electromagnetic fields, which are constantly stealing our energy.

What happens, if instead of going to the mall, we go in nature?

As I mentioned, the Earth has a negative charge and it gives us electrons- i.e. energy. I love imagining the Earth as a wall-plug, and our legs as a plug. By spending time in nature, we are literally recharging.

If some of you have dig deeper into human physiology, you are probably aware of the fact that all inflammation has a positive charge- i.e. the opposite of the electrons and the opposite of what gives us energy.

What happens when we lose energy to our surroundings- the technology one? We create the perfect premises for inflammation, which precede diseases.

Take the time to watch this movie.

RESONANCE – BEINGS OF FREQUENCY from james russell on Vimeo.

Actually, what harms our health is the environment we live in. You know that I am extremely keen on epigenetics- how our environment affects our genes- which one lock and which one unlock.

In my opinion, diseases are not a result of genetic heritage, but of epigenetics- the environment we live in and the influence it has on us.

Just think about the experiments with identical twins, which have been separated since they were born. Even though they have a lot of identical, genetic material, the environment they live in, reshapes them as a totally different personalities, with different health condition. This is just another, let’s say superficial proof, how our environment, influences our health and life.

You have no idea how many things I’d like to share with you. Still, the information is really different and sometimes difficult to adopt, that’s why I will dedicate the future to my mission- to offer you a truth, which most people ignore, but which most desperately need.

In the process, I will ask you to question yourself on a daily basis- “Do I spend enough time in nature or am I fooled by the modern lifestyle and do I get disconnected from it?”

I will ask you to make the effort, to isolate artificial EMFs as much as possible and slowly become independent from their existence.

Personally, I am not a fan of technologies and for the past couple years, I am slowly getting rid of the,. Now, the only technologies at home are the oven, the fridge, the laundry machine, my PC and my phone. I don’t have a TV or some other type of technology and I do not intend on having.

My goal is to find a way, to make the effort, on a daily basis, to build my life in a way, which will allow me to free myself of the necessity to have cell phone and of my dependence on my PC.

I know that most of you are probably thinking: “Ines, you’ve totally lost it.”And I am not gonna be mad at you. Back in the days, I had the same opinion about people, who had convictions like my present notions. But do not forget that we are inclined to label as insane, what we can’t understand.

That’s why I am gonna ask you- do not ignore my words and try to find the meaning. The more a person knows, the more the world broadens and the more points of view he gets to have. The more points of view you have, the bigger the guarantee that you will find the truth, which will free you from the slavery of ignorance and the existence on autopilot.

Ok, I lost enough electrons writing this post. I am going for a walk in the woods. What about you?

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  1. Frank Majeau

    There is not only one way to stay healthy and being happy but I agree 100% that this one is a sure one too….Thank you very much…keep going your doing very well I love it..:-)

    1. Ines Subashka

      Thank you! :)))

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