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Lately I’ve been really keen on nutrition and the way it affects your health. I am determined to show as many people as I can, how the best way to keep your body healthy is through eating clean and paying more attention to what you put in your plate and then in your mouth. I’d really love to convince people that “diet” is not just about weight loss, it is about health. It is about giving your body the building blocks it needs in order to serve you as a valuable and trustworthy tool towards achieving everything you want. ( read “What You Choose to Eat Might Save The Next Generation” )

This week, I will try to explain you why bone broth is one of the best investments in the kitchen and why you better ditch all the glucosamine supplements, that your doctor prescribes “in order to keep your joints healthy”.

In order to keep your joints healthy, you should know what is their health dependent on. The key factor for joint health is the health of the collagen in your ligaments and tendons.  Collagen pretty much consists of a family of biomolecules and the most important of them are the glycosaminoglycans ( yep, they are as special, as their name makes them sound).

When you take the time to prepare bone broth, you get all the good stuff you need in order to provide your joints with the building blocks they need, i.e. you get the whole “family” of glycosaminoglycans.

And you are probably wondering, why should you invest your time and efforts in the kitchen, to cook bone broth, instead of just quickly pass by the pharmacy and grab a glucosamine supplement? Well because glucosamine is just part of the equation. It is not all that your joints need, plus you know how the good thing about getting your essential nutrients through food is that the total package of nutrients in the particular food makes it bioavailable and thus easier to be digested, absorbed and used according to its purpose.

Bone broth is something like a serum of health. The glycosaminoglycans in it, stimulate the growth of healthy collagen and repair damaged joints. This makes your joints strong and it allows you to move better and pain free.

Besides that healthy collagen Is not just about your joints. The truth is that it is everywhere- bones, skin, hair, arteries. If I haven’t convinced you yet, why healthy collagen is so important, think about the annoying cellulite you are trying to get rid of. Part of the reason for the “orange like skin” is that your collagen is not healthy and that it lets fat leak through it.

I myself love eating the cartilage of the bones and all the stuff alike. Every time I see somebody eating meat on the bone, and leaving all the shiny cartilage, ligaments and stuff, because “they are nasty”, my heart skips a beat and my eyes start tearing. The thing is that eating cartilage is good for your cartilage. Eating organ meats is good for your organs. Eating bones is good for your bones. DO you get what I am saying?

Keeping in mind that bones are build pretty much the same way, it totally makes sense that eating them will provide your own bones with all the building blocks and essential nutrients.

Besides that many people wonder, how come I eat dairy so rarely, but still I have a level of calcium that corresponds the recommended RDA for my age. Well truth is that bone broth, provides you not just the family of glycosaminoglycans, it gives you calcium and magnesium as well as other bone building minerals.

And the best part is that your DNA recognizes this. Your DNA is accustomed to getting those nutrients from bone broth and organ meats, so the lack of these kind of nutrients, makes your body and thus your health suffer.

Oh, and before I forget, bone broths are good not just for your bones, but also for your teeth. And after all who doesn’t want to have straight, healthy, shiny teeth? I bet that you hate going to the dentist! Well, bone broths might keep you away from the dentists.

If you want to have healthy bones you need to provide your body with the total package of bone building nutrients- and bone broth is exactly what you need.

When I was younger I hated it when my grandma made me eat bone broth every single day for lunch. I thought that she hated me and I didn’t understand why I couldn’t skip this meal. Well, nowadays I’d like to say thank you grandma. You knew better what my bones needed and now I am grateful.

Instead of forcing your children to take minerals and vitamins, in the form of pills, that have been industrially produced, take the time to prepare them bone broth. This is the best “supplement” that you could give a growing organism. Bone broths are better than pills, because the lower heat you use to prepare them, keeps the nutrients safer, than the high heat used in the production of glucosamine supplements, that are being sold in the pharmacy.

Besides that as I mentioned, through eating bone broth you get the total package of bone building nutrients, and through glucosamine pills you get just a small part of what your bones actually need.

When you eat bone broth you get the marrow fat and plenty of vitamins, which make the glycosaminoglycan molecules so much more bioavailable. Don’t forget that reprogramming of your genes in your own hands. And our genes have been programmed to expect a constant supply of this nutrients. Don’t rob your bones from the health they deserve.

Plus it is so much cheaper to buy bones from the butcher, and then cook them. Turns out you get more bang for the buck…cheaper and healthier, than buying pills that won’t do much in the long run.

And if I haven’t convinced you why you should eat bone broth, take the time to read this article “10 Benefits of Bone Broth”and this one “Cooking with Bones”

And don’t forget to read this one.

And here are some great recipes for bone broth:

The Perfect Pot of Primal Soup

Mineral Rich Bone Broth


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