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Everybody in the fitness industry is crazy about abs, and my passion have always been nice, strong legs and well shaped butt. 🙂 Besides the good appearance, there is something great in feeling the strength in your legs and being able to use it.

I am a fan of basic, compound movements, yet I love experimenting with a variety of movements. It is great to challenge the mind and the body.

Sometimes we get stuck in a routine and we do the same exercises over and over again and the workout passes by without much consciousness.

Sure, if your workout program is well structured, even the same exercises can be a challenge for the body – by changing the length of the rests, the number of reps, sets, the time under tension, the weight and so forth.

Another option is to periodically test some exercises that we haven’t done recently – it loads the body in a different way and it makes us more conscious, because when you do something new, the mind is focused on the present moment and what you are actually doing.
Here are five exercises for your hamstrings and butt, that you can include in your workouts and you can even do them at home.

1.Swiss Ball Drag

This exercise is a little bit harder, because of the balance and coordination, but give it a chance. If you need to, perform it close to something that you can use as a support so you feel more balance.

I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

You can experiment with different methods – for example you can hold for 5 seconds, every time you push the ball away from your body.

I recommend you perform the exercise in more reps – between 10-15, depending on your physical preparation.

2.Reverse Plank Hold

This is a wonderful exercise, which besides loading your posterior chain and your butt, works on your mobility in your shoulders and wrists. Maybe, you will be surprised that at the beginning, you will find it hard to touch the ground with your toes. Do not give up – just strive towards it and with more practice your body and its abilities will change.

I haven’t done a video for it, but you can try to perform a reverse plank hold touch – this means that you will have to touch your thigh with your hand and then alternate. This is a bigger challenge, but it is worth it.

Reverse plank 1

Reverse plank 2

When you perform a reverse plank hold, try to hold for 45-60 seconds. Even if it is hard for you, start with your own maximum and every time try to beat your achievement.

You can include this exercise at the beginning or at the end of your workout as an accessory movement, and not as a basic and main movement.

You can try another variation – reverse plank to pike push.

3.Glute Bridge

This is an exercise that people often skip and the loading and accent in your hamstrings and your butt is so worth the attention. This exercise could be performed with weights, but personally I love doing it without them and using a higher rep range or using the Myo reps method – and then my posterior chain is on fire.

So, my advice is to perform more reps or use a method with a hold in the upper phase. If you decide to use weights, choose it so you can work within the boundaries of your own body and do not overestimate your abilities – because this way, you are not gonna get the maximum out of the exercise.

4.Glute Ham Raise

One version:

Another version:

This is one of my favorite exercises. Nothing loads the posterior chain, like this exercise. Usually, if you haven’t performed it, you might get a muscle cramp in your lower leg or your hamstrings. When I give this exercise to my clients, I always ask them to use a band or a bolster between the sets and release their muscles.

A lot of people have a really tight posterior chain and this exercise is just contributing for this tightness. That is why it is good to foam roll your lower legs and focus on mobility throughout the day.

5.Shrimp Squat

This is another one of my favorite exercises for the legs. In the video you will see a detailed explanation about how to perform it properly.

If you are advanced, you can try to do it from a deficit, by stepping on a couple bumpers – it is such a great feeling.

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