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With one of my machines, we train in a really big, fancy globo gym! Personally I am not a fan of globo gyms ( I prefer old school gyms), because the atmosphere there does not look really sporty, motivating or inspiring! To me it looks more like a place to socialize and show off your new tank top! And I want to mention that I don’t sum up everybody going there, but more often than not that’s what globo gyms are about! While I was waiting, I observed the trainees, who were literally waiting in line for the cardio machines, while the weights were left untouched!

That’s when I remembered about the times when I was also this kind of a trainee- not well informed and I used to spend the beginning and the end of each workout on a cardio machine! Oh, my! If you know how much time you waste by doing this and how low is the effectiveness of this way of working out!

Tell you the truth, I have never used less time for training, than I do today and I have never felt or looked better!

In this post, you can read how I structure my workouts(HERE) and today I want to share with you, what are my favorite kind of finishers, which in my opinion substitute the need of doing cardio; it takes less time and the results are great!

I love finishing my workouts with some kind of interval swings, burpees or the prowler!

Usually I use different interval swings, and it does not take me more than 4-5 minutes to complete it!

Here are some of my favorite kettlebell finishers:

Ladder swing intervals:

60 sec swing- 60sec Rest

50 sec swing-50 sec rest

40sec swing-40 sec rest

30sec swing-30sec rest

20sec swing-20sec rest

10sec swing-10 sec rest


If you pick up the weight of the kettlebell adequately, this will be more than enough to “finish” yourself quickly! 😉 You won’t need to spend an hour on the treadmill!


10 intervals of 20sec swings:20sec rest


8 intervals of 30sec swings:30sec rest


You start by doing 10 swings on the first minute, then you increase the swings with five every other minute, until you can’t complete the swings on the minute!


50 swings for time


100 swings for time

Swings are one of my favorite exercises! They are a great exercise, just as deadlifts, but just in case you are doing them with proper technique!

Here I wrote a post about swings and the proper technique to do them!(click HERE)

In case you don’t feel like reading it, I just want to mention the key moments when doing a swing!

More often than not, people who have never done swings before, start by going forward with their knees at the beginning of the movement! This is wrong!

Instead of doing this, imagine that you have a wall behind yourself, and you are just 3 inches away from touching it! Then, move your hips back, as if you are trying to touch the imaginary wall!

Remember that swings are not squats! You do not need to squat! Don’t keep the kettlebell too low! Last week Jen Sinkler, wrote an outstanding piece about swings, from where I stole the pic below! The pic visualizes pretty good, the place where you should keep the kettlebell, when you begin the swing!

Image source: http://www.jensinkler.com

Do not forget that swinging, comes up to the snapping movement from your hips, and not to raising the kettlebell with your arms and shoulders!

Always keep your back straight,as you would do when you perform a deadlift! For that purpose, imagine that you have a logo on the front top of your shirt and you are trying to show it to the person standing in front of you! This will guarantee you the retraction of your shoulder blades, keeping your back straight and keeping your shoulders back!

In the upper part of the swing, keep your body tight! Do not let your belly go forward! No matter what you do in the gym, always keep your butt and your belly tight! As you do when you are performing a plank!

Well, get off the treadmill and grab the kettlebell! You will save yourself a lot of precious time and your results will be ten times better!

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