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Ines-Subashka-lИнес Субашка
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There are moments, when life is silent. It doesn’t utter a sound. Insulted by the neglecting behavior towards itself, by the never ending offensive words thrown at it.

Six milliard people… and all of them are always dissatisfied. Everybody always find a reason to reproach it, a reason to call its names. But see, life is so fragile. Like a crystal cup- which most of us kick, walking on the path.

We treat life as a useless item. Every day we throw at it- offensive words, untold thoughts and unexperienced feelings. We blame it for all of our disappointments and each adversity. And life endures it all… it manages it somehow and bears each hit.

It acts it strong and reality life is so fragile…like a crystal cup. Every light hit, is immediately being stamped on its surface. Each scratch is left to remind you for the moment of neglecting,  rude attitude and carelessness.

Life bears it all… for long enough. Like a true servant, it bears the constantly changing moods, the unclear feelings and perplexed thoughts of its master. It endures, but life doesn’t forget.

There comes a day when everything shatters in pieces…

I was sitting there, watching how a person was once again kicking his fragile life. He was striking the last hits… as if the path he walked until today and all the cracks on the surface weren’t enough damage.

He has just a little bit more left. Because the most patient, always leave. And they never come back. Life was just the same. My life and yours behave the same way, as well!

There comes a moment, when the scribbled surface, can’t hold on anymore and it just explodes… it shatters in thousand small, crystal pieces. They spill all over the room…

His life was such… it shattered just in the glimpse of an eye. Every piece found a home in the eyes of those who were sitting around his bed. They were standing there, observing the fragility of life. You take it for granted and day after day you treat it as if life belongs to you… forever. You don’t respect it and you always focus on its faults.

And in reality you forget that you are just a guest… that it is better if you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you should appreciate every moment, every second and every day.

You forget that life can’t be grabbed, clenched, twisted and enchained. You can’t blame it for the setback of today.

Because life is fragile…

And you should treat it with attention and care… and love it every day… just a little more! No matter what it will give you.

Because there comes a moment when life is silent…


And that’s when only pain and the oppressive burden of all the question that emerge in your mind, the chains of regret are there… in order to scream at you, in order to reproach you how its all your fault.

Because there are days when life silently whispers you to take it easy.

Days, when the whisper of life is gently touching you and reminding you that everything will be ok.

Because there are days, when the morning is giving you a wink and hinting you to trust today, because everything has a reason to happen… because everything is part of the plan and today is just one of the next steps forward.

Because there are days, when the moon is swinging you for comfort… it sings to your sorrow to fall asleep… in order to make place for the new day, when you will have a thousand more opportunities.

Because life whispers and hints you everything you need to know… and you don’t hear it…

… you are too busy to feel sorry for yourself, to blame and to whine.

Because even though life seems irrational, it is extremely  rational. And contrary to popular belief, life is not created to put order in it… because order itself is the essence of life. We are the once who should start living in harmony with it.

We are the once who have to value our own life and everything it gives us.

We are the once who should learn to treat life with patience and care and stop striking a hit after a hit on its fragile “body”.

Because the more cracks we open, the deeper we are hurting ourselves.

Because life is fragile and when it can’t bare it anymore, it will leave us.

It abandons us and there comes a moment when life is silent… insulted.

And there is no way back!

Appreciate each day. Lean down and pick up the crystal cup- your life. Keep it save and treat it with more respect. Remember that you are just a guest and don’t let yourself behave like masters.

Have more trust in your life and listen to it carefully. Don’t take our eyes off of it, because life is your own shadow and it always reflects who you are. It always shows you what is happening and why. It always hints you where to find the solution to each problem and the answer to each question!

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Ines Subashka

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