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“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” – Lao Tzu

Every day I get the opportunity to meet a lot of people. I get the chance to eyewitness some of their most meaningful moments. The moments when they challenge themselves, when they overcome their fears, reveal their potential, discover their purpose and achieve triumph.

The moments, when their mind can’t handle it and they break down. The moments when they lose faith in their abilities and when they doubt their actions. The moments of egocentrism or the moments of humility. Moments of courage or fear. Moments of action or lack of it. The moments when they get closer to their true self… or the moments when they alienate and run away from their self.

I love observing people. How often do you catch yourself carefully watching the actions of others, analyzing them and searching the reason behind their behavior? At first sight most people act the same way, but in reality all of them have different motives.

You can’t imagine how much you could learn throughout an ordinary day, when you adopt the “unordinary” ability to observe it.

The other day, during a training session, I observed one person… a person who was a personification of fear, doubt and the thirst for attention inherent for the majority.

That made me think about the fact how often people quit on their most sacred longings, just because they are trying to fit the common sense. Just because they let the opinion of other people to become their leading guide.

People often suppress their desires, they are afraid to try something different and challenge themselves, because they are scared to look funny in the eyes of community.

Thus, most spend their life, just stagnating in one place. They spend it unsatisfied, because even though they fit the stereotype, their inner wants, do not correspond to what the world surrounding them has to offer.

I know what it is to be on both sides. To be the one who “pays taxes” for the public opinion and the one who doesn’t care for other people’s approval.

Some time ago, I promised myself that I will leave other people’s opinion on the background. That I will do what  love, no matter if I look funny; no matter if I fail or succeed. And I can assure you that my life has never been better! Because the heaviest burdens of all is your life being led by the need of public’s approval or disapproval.

Never forget the fact that people don’t care about you. Most are too busy with their own worries and longings. Even if you fail today, chances are that nobody Is gonna remember it tomorrow.

By spending your life on the bleachers, just because you are afraid of going out on the court, scared that you might miss the shot and become ridiculed, only robs you from the opportunity to show your potential. You are missing to show the world, that even if you have some weaknesses, you have something unique, that nobody else could do the way you can!

It is stupid to do just what you are good at, because you afraid of being ridiculed. It is stupid to stay in one place, because somebody else is doubting your potential.

It is stupid to allow yourself to stagger on the path of life, pushed by the controversy opinions of your community. Everybody has his own truth and everybody should live according to it!

By conforming to other people’s opinion, you are allowing your life to become a projection of somebody else’s fear, doubt and dissatisfaction!

By allowing yourself to stay in one place, just because you are trying to fit the stereotype, you become just one more useless pattern. You become a part of the herd, which walks without a purpose and without a direction… just where the path leads it!

Just like the leader, who is walking bravely through the snow drafts… being in front is hard, because the snow drafts are deep and hard to walk through them. Being in front might be scary and overwhelming, because the winds are coming from everywhere, and you need a lot of strength and persistence, to resist letting them push you in the direction they are going…

Being different is not easy, but it is the duty of each one of us.

Doing what you dream of, requires a lot of courage, persistence and indeclinable character, but it is the only right choice, that we are obliged to make!

Learning to listen your own voice, when everybody else is trying to impose their opinion is the only right path!

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