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Nowadays people constantly focus on their problems. They search for them everywhere, but somehow forget to pay attention to their main problem and thus they miss the opportunity to get rid of it. And what is the main problem? Illusion! Illusion is the most secure solace and probably this is the reason why people turn to it. But a life build on the foundations of illusion, just carries the fake feeling of security, and in reality this is the most treacherous, fleeting and unstable way to live.

Illusion twists our minds, it takes our focus away from accepting reality just the way it is and fixates our attention on a steady image. Illusion is a static image, and the essence of life is in its constant change…in its dynamics.

Why do we so persistently get stick into the notion of illusion? Isn’t the reason in the fact that illusion is a projection of our most profound longings and desires? Isn’t illusion a projection of what is not present in our lives?

Thus reality becomes just a source of “food” for the illusion, in which we choose to live. Seems as if we take just small fragments from reality, which could fir our notion of how things are supposed to happen and how they are supposed to be, and everything else is just left behind… just thrown away, as a useless information and worthless situations, which do not have place in our life.

But sooner or later the hologram image of illusion, is being shattered by the solid “hand” of reality.

They say that truth, mixed with fiction is a lot more convincing. Then could it be that our incline to feeding illusion, is a fruit of our inner insecurity and longing to convince ourselves? To convince the self, that we are happy, that we have the best job; the most wonderful life, family and friends? Could it be that illusion is just a mask, and behind it is our weakness “screaming” for help? Our weakness to face our dark side and change it?

The escape from reality, might at first merge us into a world, where everything is just the way we thought it up to be. But running away doesn’t solve the problem. Running away just sucks away our strength and takes us the opportunity to use our mind and reason to get rid of the problem.

A life build on the foundation of illusion is the path of weak minded. The path of those which “want”, but in reality are too cowardly to act and achieve!

Reality is scary, just when you hide behind the corner and when you tremble in front of its huge shadow. But when you find the courage to step forward towards it and cope with the challenges it has to offer, you will realize that behind the corner is hiding just an opportunity…an opportunity waiting to be captured!

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