Don’t Read This If You Hate Your Life!

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Don’t read it, because it will be too painful to realize that you are the one responsible for your life and that everything taking place in your reality is your own fault!

…because our unconsciousness is the trash can of our conscious…

Something like the place where goes the rubbish of what occupies our mind the most!

Where our most obtrusive thought undresses and slips its identity…

And too busy to capture it we allow it to carry away what truly matters.

While we are sitting in the present moment, torturing to find out the answer we are desperately searching for…

And the answer, just like our precious item, that we accidentally threw in the trash can, is resting in our unconscious, waiting for the right moment to materialize itself…

Here I remember the fact that we rarely realize, that exactly the invisible future, and not what we’ve already seen in our (more…)

Illusion Is the Most Secure Solace!

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The beauty of spring 🙂 (Image source:

Nowadays people constantly focus on their problems. They search for them everywhere, but somehow forget to pay attention to their main problem and thus they miss the opportunity to get rid of it. And what is the main problem? Illusion! Illusion is the most secure solace and probably this is the reason why people turn to it. But a life build on the foundations of illusion, just carries the fake feeling of security, and in reality this is the most treacherous, fleeting and unstable way to live.

Illusion twists our minds, it takes our focus away from accepting reality just the way it is and fixates our attention on a steady image. Illusion is a static image, and the essence of life is in its constant change…in its dynamics.

Why do we so persistently get stick into the notion of illusion? Isn’t the reason in the fact that (more…)

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