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“When you take the full responsibility for something, then you earn the full control over it”

The life of a victim… the life, which most people live, but rarely dare to acknowledge it! Why do so many people live with the feeling, that the world is a dark, unfair place to be? Why do so many people, think that they are surrounded by evil, false, hypocritical people? Why do so many consider, that to be alive is something like a punishment, which you are supposed to put up with?

The answer even though at first sight an enigma, in reality is so obvious and simple- because most people are too much into the role of being victims! They have long ago given up the responsibility for their own life and their own actions, by giving the opportunity to everybody around and the unplanned circumstances, to dictate the direction of their life! And you consider this “not fair”?

I consider it to be faint-hearted! Of course, when you are driving a car and there is a passenger next to you, but in one moment you decide that you can’t do it anymore and you let go of the wheel, whining how all other driver are “idiots”, the person next to you won’t stay impassively watching… he will take the management! It is the same with your own life… when you give up the responsibility for it and just put up with whining and letting others feel sorry for you, somebody else will take the “direction” of your life and you will become a doll of your own life!

And if right now you are at a stage of your life, where you are skillfully playing the role of a victim… I am not judging you! I just want to make you think about it!

There were moments, when I wondered why some things happen to me… I used to refuse to take the responsibility for my own life… Then, when disappointments became way too much, I decided to turn to my inner self and I realized that it’s all my fault- everything that happened was my fault and I was attracting it my way! I realized that I can be the one who directs my life, as long as I take the responsibility for it!

Since then, for me life is beautiful and full of opportunities… for me the dark moments do not exist anymore! And not because I look on what’s happening through “the pink glasses”, but because I chose to take the responsibility!

While you are fooling yourself that others should be blamed for your failures, for your pain, negative situations will keep on taking place in your life and every time they will leave you with deeper wounds, with the feeling that you are weaker and incapable to deal with your life! Something like a prisoner… every time he is left helpless and exhausted, after the butcher has visited him…

Too bad that in life you are not a prisoner to anybody, besides yourself! You live with the illusion that somebody is keeping you in prison… and in reality you are carrying the gratings with yourself! And just when you take a look inside of yourself, you will have the opportunity to set yourself free from that prison!

In the moment, when you decide to take the full responsibility for everything, you will receive strength, that you have never imagine you’ve had! Then you will reveal the beautiful side of life! Then you will understand that nobody and nothing could stand in your way, as long as you are strong enough to take the responsibility for your life and its direction! You will realize, that for years you lived in an illusion, that others are the obstacle on the path to your goals, and in reality it was far from the truth- in reality you have voluntary given them the opportunity to rule and direct you!

Take the responsibility for everything in your life! Stop throwing the “ball of guilt” to others and you will find out that everything you want, is sitting around, waiting for you to head towards it! You are the once, who have been running away, because you’ve refused to walk on your own path and you have allowed others to drag you on theirs! Take the responsibility and I assure you that you will never want to go back to the life of a victim!

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