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Slavi Pavlov- a Bulgarian crossfitter

August is here and a lot of people are going on a vacation! Even most of most of my clients are at the seaside. And because I am their second conscience and I couldn’t allow them to take it easy, I am constantly telling them that they won’t be my friends anymore if they don’t do at least two-three workouts on the beach!

Some of them really like the idea about working out on the beach, but they always say, “ Ok. I want to work out but what could I do on the beach?” In this moment, the memory about my last vacation at the seaside immerges in my mind. It was more like a preparation for the French Legion!;)

I’ve always loved working out on the beach, because you could do a lot of things and the sand contributes a lot to making your workouts more interesting!

If you are about to go on a vacation this month and you want to work out, but you have no idea exactly what you could do, I will give you a couple ideas.

On the beach you could have a hell of a workout, without any equipment, but still, if you have birthday somewhere soon, help your friends and family, by saving their precious time, spend hanging out at the Mall, searching for the right present. Tell them that you need a KETTLEBELL, really, really bad! Yes that is right! If I had to go at the seaside and if I had to take just one thing with me, it would be a kettlebell! You could do a lot of things with it and it doesn’t take a lot of space to carry it with you!

I sincerely recommend you to visit Marianne Kane’s website. She constantly uploads great, interesting kettlebell workouts. Most of them could be done everywhere. SO while you are on a vacation myomytv.com is the main website, you should be visiting, in order to get some great ideas!

Now I will write you a couple workouts that I totally love doing, and if I was at the beach, I would make sure I do all of them, before I live back for home:

10 rounds:

10 burpees+ 20-25 meters sprint( rest after each sprint)



Line 25 meters in 5 lengths of 5 meters. Complete 5-6 suicides and rest after each one. After that do a couple sets of push ups.


Stick two branches in the sand. Connect them with a rope or some kind of string. It should turn out something like a “pipe”. Place five couple of branches like that.

Move from the first couple to the last one with the so called jump squats. Squat and then jump over the “pipe”. When you squat and jump over all “pipes”, immediately burst into a 20-25 meter sprint. I promise you that you won’t need more than 6-8 lengths like that, in order for your thighs to start “burning”. After that complete a couple sets of push ups. If there is something like a pull up bar, you could do a couple sets of pull ups.


If you have a kettlebell:

15 Thrusters

15 Swings

15 Burpees

½ length run on the beach

12 Thrusters

12 Swings


½ length run

9 Thrusters

9 Swings

9 Burpees

½ length run


Leave a mark on the sand. Start from there and complete 20 walking lunges with a kettlebell overhead or a heavier stone( if you could find one on the beach)

Then leave the kettlebell, and sprint back to the mark. Then return back to the kettlebell, with burpees with a long jump( do one burpee, then long jump; burpee+long jump…)

Then rest. Repeat this 5 times.


Have you done sprints in the water? It is super cool, as long as the water isn’t too deep. If you find 15-20 meters in the sea, where the water isn’t way above your belly button, you could do some water sprints.

Complete 10 sprints starting from the shore and sprinting 15-20 meters inside the sea. It is a lot of fun. Then you could finish with some push ups, and if you are advanced you could do some handstand push ups.


There are a lot of ideas. I could keep on writing forever. You always have something to do on the beach. Just use your imagination. After all you are on a vacation and you do not need to follow a specific training program. Just work out. It is enough to stay in shape. Besides that it will bring to some variety in your workouts. You could do some planks and some plank variations! If there is somewhere you could jump, go ahead and do it. It turns out great on the sand. Use an old tire or a concrete platform to jump on it!

I even jumped on rope on the sand. It is not hard at all so go ahead and try it!

Take ideas from everywhere. You have a bunch of alternatives on the beach, as weird as it may sound.

Besides that on the way to the beach, you could find a hill. Use that hill to do some sprints or some kind of a workout with walking lunges up the hill!

Work out! Your vacation isn’t an excuse to abandon your workouts. It is just another possibility to make working out more fun! And you could inspire somebody that is watching you, to take his health and conditioning to the next level. Your personal example is the most potent mean for inspiration. Be an inspiration for people around you! Don’t give in to your friends’ bad habits! Just show them through personal example what is right! I guarantee you that at least one person will return home, feeling enthusiastic to become a MACHINE! 😉

So, are you gonna work out, while on a vacation? Share your ideas for workouts, while traveling!

P.S. If you liked this post, please share it with your friends. I’d greatly appreciate it!

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