Ideas for Workouts on a Vacation: How to Stay in Shape EVERYWHERE

Continue ReadingIdeas for Workouts on a Vacation: How to Stay in Shape EVERYWHERE

Slavi Pavlov- a Bulgarian crossfitter

August is here and a lot of people are going on a vacation! Even most of most of my clients are at the seaside. And because I am their second conscience and I couldn’t allow them to take it easy, I am constantly telling them that they won’t be my friends anymore if they don’t do at least two-three workouts on the beach!

Some of them really like the idea about working out on the beach, but they always say, “ Ok. I want to work out but what could I do on the beach?” In this moment, the memory about my last vacation at the seaside immerges in my mind. It was more like a preparation for the French Legion!;)

I’ve always loved working out on the beach, because you could do a lot of things and the sand contributes a lot to making your workouts more interesting!

If you are about to go on a vacation this month and you want to work out, but you have no idea exactly what you could do, I will give you a couple ideas. (more…)

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