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Hey, everybody! It is time to read a bunch of great fitness articles. There is something for everybody! Nutrition,weightlifting,crossfit,fashion, interviews, whatever you want! Just check out my favorite reads of the week and pick as many articles as you can handle reading! 😉 Enjoy!

First, the articles on Inspired Fit Strong for this week:

Stop Doing These 3 Exercises, I’d Really Appreciate It

Scale, Scale,Scale! Your Worst Advisor

Too Early, Too Cold, Too Hard

How Do Lights Affect Our Sleep

How Could You Structure a Short but Effective Workout

Raw Paleo Cookies

And now it is time for my favorite reads:

The End of Dieting

State Threatens to Shut Down Nutrition Blogger

Interview with Robb Wolf

Body Transformation: Sohee Lee

Intermittent Fasting

Nothing in Life Comes Free

How to Become a Handstand Beast

How Often Should You Train a Muscle

Power Development

I Just Can’t Help Myself: Regionals Day 1

Big Without Strong is Nothing

Deadlifts: Which Type is Best for You

Set Your Personal Training Career on Fire

Can You Be in Pain and Still Train Like a Beast

Mike Robertson: Episode 129

QA 10: Cornucopia of Questions and Answers

Big Strong and Lean Pipe Dream or Reality

An Interview with Lou Schuler

Celebrate Strength

Interview with Molly Galbraith

The 4 Components to Fat Loss Success

How to Stay Fit for Life

Personal Training Post Pregnancy: Top 5 Things to Know

Top Ten Food Log Comments

Soy: The Protein Killer

The Dragon Flag

Fifty Fat Loss Tips

Lemon Butter Tilapia

How to Prevent an Ankle Injury

Interview with Fitness Model and Figure Competitor, Mother of Two: Ashley Horner

Why I Suck at the Deadlift

Interview with Coach Brendon Rearick

Most Important Stat for Strength

How to Start a Bootcamp with 0 Cash and Blow It Up

Lean Eating: January 2011 Winners

Paleo vs Vegan

Meats, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds,Fruit…mmmmmmmmm

Happy People Have “A Balanced Time Perspective”

It Doesn’t Need to Be So Complicated

How to Start Intermittent Fasting and Kick Hunger Aside

Risks, Decisions and Courage

12 Things You Might Not Know About Weightlifting

Skinny Fat People

Biomechanical Analysis of the Deadlift

How to Make a Prowler Sled

‘Food Insecurity’ May Lead Mothers To Engage In Feeding Practices Associated With Childhood Weight Gain

The Healthiest Food in the World

Is Junk Food Really Cheaper

15 Big Little Things You Can Do in 15 Minutes

Paleo That Lasts


How to Get Ripped: 12 Ideas

Interview with Brendan Clarke

Strength Train for Better Endurance Performance

Is The Right Fit, The Right Answer

Paleo Diet Carbs

Fat Myths

Nell Stephenson Gives The Paleo Diet a Modern Day Makeover

Awesome Fitness Videos

How to Start Intermittent Fasting and Kick Hunger Aside

My Life in Training

Vogue Healthy Models Pact and Fashion Industry

Ако статията ви е харесала, споделете я с приятелите си. Благодаря, че помагате да достигне до повече хора.

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