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More often than not, people go to the gym and work out, doing a variety of exercises, without actually being aware why they are doing them. They rarely give it a thought, how the exercises they are doing, could improve their posture, reduce the muscle imbalances or just help them improve their athletic level.

What usually happens is that a person decides he is going to work out. He opens a fitness magazine or a fitness website. He copies a training program that somebody else is doing and then works out in exactly the same manner!

This is a sure way to never achieve your goal and even a more sure way to waste your time!

Today I will emphasize on why it is important to perform exercises, which will strengthen your core, what are the benefits from these exercises and I will suggest you some variety!

A strong core, decreases back pain! The stronger the muscles on your core, the less pain you will feel in your back and lower back. The reason behind this, is that weak core muscles, as well as the imbalance between them, lead to a loss of appropriate lumbar curve( the curve on your spine, in the lower back) and improper posture alignment. Usually the neutral posture, transfers into an anterior or posterior tilt.( read more here)

When your core muscles are strong, they keep your posture in a good alignment and they decrease the strain on your spine.

If you do not pay enough attention to these muscles, you could get injured or feel a lot of pain. Besides that the health and functionality of the lower and upper limbs, is dependent on your core muscles. As you know nothing in your body functions just for itself. It is called a kinetic CHAIN. Usually what happens is the kinetic chain ripple effect.

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You know what I am talking about, right? Remember how when you throw a stone in the water, some wavy circles are being formed. The stone fell in one spot, but the waves are spreading further.

It is the same with your muscles. If there is a problem with your core muscles, the reaction isn’t just in that particular spot, but it will spread to other muscles.
If you strengthen your core muscles, you are pretty much surely gonna get rid of the back pain, the pain in your neck, hips and knees!

Here are some exercises that you could add to your workouts:

Planks and all other plank variations


Aligator Walks

Back Extensions

Full Contact Twist

Toes to Bar

Barbell Rollout

Lunges with a Twist

Dragon Flag

Superman on rings( but as a beginner start out with just your hands on the rings, and let your legs be on the ground)

Besides that don’t forget that if you are working out the way, I am recommending you, you are already training your core pretty good.




Push Ups

Pull Ups


Good Mornings


All basic, compound movements, activate your core muscles and help with your posture and muscle strengthening! This is one of the reasons that I am talking so much about the importance and functionality of these movements and that is why I make the effort to make you ditch the majority of isolation movements!

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