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My favorite meal (eggs,bacon,avocado and veggies)

I have the opportunity to communicate with a lot of people, who contact me through e-mail or with a message on Facebook. Yesterday I received an interesting message, where a reader asked me how I eat on a non training day! I think that there might be a lot of people interested in this and I haven’t mentioned anything about it on my blog.

First of all, I want to tell you, that before I “arrived” to today, when my nutrition is a lifestyle and not something that I constantly think about and not something I waste a lot of energy on, I went through a long, long way!

Before that I’ve experimented with a lot of diets and nutrition methods- I counted calories, I measured every single bite, I calculated fats, carbs and proteins to the last percentage!

Probably most of you wonder how they are supposed to eat on non training days, because you’ve read countless articles with controversial opinions.

Back in the days I also stressed a lot on how was I supposed to eat on non training days. There were periods when I ate just proteins, periods when once in the week I allowed myself a cheat meal and it was always on non training days, because all the junk I ate made me sick and tired, and there was absolutely no way I could train feeling so crappy!

Fortunately all of this is left in the past and honestly I don’t regret making all these mistakes, because I learned a lot from them. Sometimes a person needs to experience himself what doesn’t work, in order to find out what actually works!

And because as always, I lost myself telling you stories, I will go back to what I eat on a non training day!

Truth is that I rarely change my nutrition on non training days! Long gone are the days, when food was a strategic formula, to achieve success. Right now, for me food is just food- fuel for my body! I eat as much as I need to. I try not to eat too much, so I won’t feel overfed, but I still try not to eat too little either, because besides feeling weak, I get the urge to eat A LOT after periods of underfeeding.

Here is how my nutrition looks on non training days:

1 Meal

(2 eggs(XL); veggies, butter,red pepper)

My breakfast

2 Meal

(200-250 grams pork steak with veggies)

My lunch

3 Meal

(Chicken with bacon, olives and veggies)

4 Meal

(2 eggs(XL), veggies, butter, avocado or olives)

My dinner

I eat like that every day. Some days I might eat more eggs or more pork meat. It depends on what I have in the fridge, but keep in mind that even on non training days, I don’t spend my time sitting in a chair all day long. My job requires a lot of physical activity, so even when I don’t train I do not limit my food. I often feel hungrier on non training days, than I feel on days I train and I might even increase my portions’ sizes, without feeling guilty for eating more!

That is why my advice would be to stay away from too much calculations, strategic eating and so forth. It is way too stressful and the possibility to fail is bigger. Because, if I’ve found one thing to be true, it is that when you consider something to be way too important and you stress way too much over it, chances are things are gonna go wrong and never turn out the way you’ve planned them!

My advice would be to drink a lot of water! Do not forget to drink water on non training days. That is a mistake I often make on non training days. And I’ve noticed that when I don’t drink enough water I feel like eating more! That’s why I encourage you to get a bottle of water with you and drink all day long!

How do you eat on a non training day?

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