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You finally managed to get over yourself and the urge to go back home, open the fridge and eat a couple pieces of cake. Everything is getting better. Now you don’t spend your mornings waiting in line, in the fast food restaurant to but a donut, but instead you are getting creative in the kitchen, cooking some eggs and veggies.

But something is still not right. You think that you are eating perfectly clean, but the results aren’t there. What is the reason?

The reason, probably hides behind not what you are eating, but what you are drinking or in other words the empty calories, that ice tea, “fruit” juices and “diet coke” add to your nutrition.

What does “empty calories” mean? You know that I am not a fan of counting calories, so when I say “empty calories” I mean, calories that don’t bring any nutritional value and instead of giving the body what it needs, they even rob it, but still add on “energy”, which is usually stocked on the parts of your body, that you least want to look fat.

I often see people, who make the effort to eat good, quality food, but they still lose the path, when it comes to their choice of drinks.

Some time ago I saw this picture, which in my opinion runs out everything, with just one sentence “ You wouldn’t eat a tablespoon of sugar, would you? Then why would you drink it?”

I guess that you are not the kind of blindfolded people, who think that fruit juice is made of real fruits and that ice tea is healthy!  If there is one place I never go by in the supermarket, it must be the isle with the drinks- sodas, juices, teas and so forth.

Liquid calories don’t do their job, when it comes to making you feel full or satiate, besides that they do not satiate your thirst- they even make you want to drink more and they add a lot of calories in no time. Besides that they don’t have a nutritional value, they even have plenty of the so called anti nutrients!

Often times even if you do not drink the drinks listed above, you could make a mistake when you drink coffee or tea. A lot of people can’t drink their coffee or tea plain. Usually they add some sugar, sweeteners, milk, honey. Of course, if you drink just one coffee or one tea a day, it probably won’t harm you that much, but how many of you limit to the first cup?

Personally I love drinking coffee and sometimes tea. Fortunately, for a couple years I’ve been drinking them without sugar, sweeteners or other tasty add ons. Besides the fact that now I can feel their real taste and enjoy it a lot more than before, I am saving myself the empty calories, that the different add ons bring!

The other thing, you could pay attention to is that it is far better to substitute the empty calories of all these drinks, with some quality food. If you drink a couple cups of ice tea, a couple lattes with sugar and one or two teas with honey, I guarantee you that even one pork steak and a salad, will have far less calories, but they will have a lot higher nutritional value, when it comes to giving your body what it needs!

Back in the days, as you already know I was a “wonderful example” about how we are NOT supposed to eat! I used to drink soda, as if my life depended on the quantity of soda I drink in a single day. I poured the spoons of sugar in my tea, and I couldn’t drink coffee without a ton of milk and without a jar of sugar!

Of course, if you are like I used to be, it would be hard to just wake up tomorrow and drink a plain cup of coffee, and still have your good mood, but I assure you, that you have to make the first step- to realize that this is just EMPTY calories and that they are just harming you!

Start by decreasing the quantity of sodas you drink. When you are thirsty drink some tea or water. If you can’t imagine your tea without sugar or honey, for now you could just decrease the quantity, and slowly get to the point where you drink your tea, just plain!

Do the same thing with your coffee! Limit the quantity of the milk and the sugar. Then exclude them one by one!

Fruit juices… ah, don’t drink them at all. If you still feel like drinking some fruit juices, you better buy real fruits and make the juice yourself!

After all what is the idea of drinks? The first and main idea is to satiate your thirst, and not to be one more mean to satisfy our endless zeal for consumerism!

I assure you that there isn’t anything tastier than a cup of plain coffee and a cup of water!

Eat quality food, in enough quantities! Keep a bottle of water beside you and drink it all day long! I promise you that soon you won’t need a variety of drinks, with a jar of sugar and you will even wonder how in the world you found them tasty in the past!

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