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Every now and then I read some articles, that preach different celebrity’s diets. I remember the past, when I used to believe all this things were true and I thought that by following such a diet, I would become like a Hollywood star. I am happy that I am done with this, but the sad part is that there are still thousands of people, and mainly women, who believe this crap. If we start from “Kim Kardashian’s cookie diet for sexy butt”, and go to Tracy Anderson’s Method and etc. all this is absurd!

I do not like the fact that in places where it is supposed to have information about healthy living, they nose in such articles, just to attract attention and popularity!

Some time ago, I watched a TV show, where 5-6 year old girls, suffered from eating disorders and considered themselves fat! Can you imagine how out of control has gone everything in the media? What was initially intended to keep the interest alive is now ruining our society!

If I ask my grandma for a friend of hers, who was anorexic or bulimic, I doubt it she could think of one, and on the contrary I can think of a bunch of friends that suffer from eating disorders!

In a world where our body is trying to stay functional, where our body ideal is completely dysfunctional, we need to make the effort to educate society- how to take care of their health, what is good for them and what isn’t! It is unreasonable to feed the idea for the perfect body image, with all kind of crappy and unhealthy diets!

Besides that a big part of the celebrities are famous with…well they are just famous, without a specific reason! It is stupid to use their authority and their influence over people, to nose in unhealthy habits! Somebody will say “ Ines, you are wrong. I lost 10lbs following the cookie diet!” And I will tell you that you could lose weight eating cabbage, but it doesn’t come to only losing weight, but what will the consequences be!

Why do you keep on searching for the magic formula to lose weight, when everything is so simple? You do not need to starve yourself, neither eat 5 cookies a day. You do not need to eat baby food or eat watermelon for the whole week!

If you could take yourself away from the celebrity’s world and look around yourself- see how other people, get results not only with their appearance, but also with their health, you could already look the way you wished!

When I read all this crappy advices and diets, I am thinking….

I do not care how many cookie Kim Kardashian eats. What I care is if having the chance to spend the whole weekend being lazy in front of the TV, she would choose to go for a walk in the park!

I do not care how Victoria Beckham managed to lose weight in no time, when while losing the weight, she loses the sparkle in her eyes.

I do not care about Jenifer Aniston’s baby food diet. What I care is if she feels good and energetic, and if she can carry her own groceries!

I do not care how much pasta could Kortney Cox eat, without gaining weight. What I care is what kind of consequences will this kind of eating has on her health!

It is about time to understand that losing weight is not equal to healthy!

If you feel deprived on your diet, then it is not healthy!

If you can lose 10lbs in 5 days, then it is not healthy!

If a celebrity is offering it, chances are it is not healthy!

If you feel weak eating like that, then it is not healthy!

Start living your life, making reasonable and informed choices, and not blindly following celebrities!

What is your oppinion? Do you believe in this diets? Do you follow them? Or maybe you think it is all plain stupid? How would you encourage people to stop blindly following celebrities?

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Ines Subashka

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  1. Lauren

    I disagree. I am not a big fan of KK but i am pretty sure she isnt dumb enough to do a cookie diet. Nor have i heard of her doing it. I see her eat healthy on her show. Life is about choices, we choose to worship or watch celebrities and all they do. She isnt over weight, she works out, so leave her alone. Tracey Anderson obviously is fit, and so is her hollywood followers. Everyone has different workouts that better them, no one is the same. Not everyone can do the same diet and workout and get the same results. I dont think what they want is for everyone to follow them and expect everyone to be happy with their product or beliefs, thats why they give you the 30 day trial. Sometimes you have to fail a few times to really find what is best for your body. Just because you dont agree with how someone works out, or eats …doesnt make it horrible. We live once, and we arent perfect 100% of the time. Get over it.

    1. Ines Subashka

      Hello, Lauren!

      Obviously you are a fan of Tracy or somebody else mentioned in the article. Tracy is fit? And how is that? What is the definition of fit? Skinny is not equal to fit! Fit is how well a person is suited for physical tasks. I don’t see her doing wonders with this pink dumbbells! And it i snot only about looking good, but also feeling good. I assure you that if you eat the food that I and other people following a real food diet eat, you won’t feel deprived, blacked out and other stuff like that.

      Everybody has the right to workout or eat, however they’d like but I still can express my thoughts and oppinion on the topic. I don’t find it right and I share my oppinion, I back it up so… “get over it”! 🙂

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