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The Diet That Will End All Diets! It Worked For Me!
My dinner and my new passion - food photography

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When somebody asks me which diet works best, I always try to be honest and reply- NONE! A diet, in the meaning, that we all invest in this word, suggests deprivation, limitation, it has a deadline and it is something like a self- punishment for the fact that we are not thin enough, that we don’t have enough will or enough knowledge. A diet, is something like a redemption for the guilt, which is constantly chasing us, for “the sins”, which we falsely believe, we have. Diets, emphasize on a  daily basis, about not being enough and for trying to become more, by deprivation!

My philosophy is different- I won’t give you an advise to go on a  diet; to follow a strict diet plan; to eat in a particular hour or in particular quantities. I think that a healthy nutrition plan, obeys some principles, but these principles could undergo a change, with the goal to adapt the to the needs of every one of us.

Achieving the body you want is easy- just sign a contract with your body, that you will feed it with quality, real food. No matter where you are and what is around you, if you have the inner conviction that you want to do the best for yourself, then no crappy food will have the power to tempt you. You won’t care what is around you, because in every single moment you will make the optimally, best choice.

People often ask me what real food means. Some insist on the fact that real food doesn’t exist. Usually, these are once again, people who find it easier to pick up an excuse and find an external reason, for their lack of inner motivation.

If the term- real food, doesn’t tell you much about its essence, today I will try to suggest you a way, which will help you ALWAYS identify real food.

Let’s start from the fact that real food is quality food. Quality is a vast concept- everybody defines it from their own point of view. I am not talking about the quality of the expensive brand, which is selling you not real food, but the calculated expenses for its marketing. I am not talking about the popular food, which is popular just with the fact that every commercial block, emphasizes on it- not because it is truly a personification of quality, but just because it was created by somebody, who has the money to pay for its distribution.

Quality food- the one which is being imposed on us by mass media, is “quality” in the roots of the mind. The mind is something easy to be manipulated.

True quality is being perceived beyond the limitations of the mind- it is more of an instinct, an inside sense of what is right. True quality is the feeling, the attraction you get towards the apple tree or the homemade cheese in your grandma’s house. The sham quality, are the perfect, “plastic” apples in the supermarket, which tempt your mind, but which somehow don’t really feel real and high quality.

I once read, that something exists if the world can’t function normally without it.

I think that the health status of most people is a proof that quality food or actually, the consumption of quality food is on a decrease. Why do I think so? Is there something normal, for a 10 year old kid, having geriatric diseases? Is there something normal for a 20 year old, to have difficulties taking a flight of stairs, because he is so out of shape and so overweight, that it is painful to even bare his own weight?

Yes, life keeps on going without quality food, but it becomes boring; unsatisfying and more torturing.

Quality, doesn’t have one definition- but somehow, we always feel what is worth it and what is a waste of time, efforts and emotions.

Quality is something, which with its own, specific taste; with the way it makes you feel and look, tempts you to really want it, without contemplating afterwards if your decision was a mistake.

How many times did you feel guilt, when you ate a homemade yogurt or organic eggs?

How many times did you feel guilt, when you’ve bought chips or when you’ve eaten pizza?

Through the prism of the mind, the pizza might be a high- quality one- from a commercial point of view, but the inner feeling, never lies- it is silently whispering you, that what you are doing to your body is not right!

Quality is a result of traditions, efforts and standards, which have resisted the test of time and which demonstrates steadiness.

What is the steadiness of chocolate bars in the supermarket, when all of them are the same and the only thing which differs them is the package? Are you paying for food or for the package? Are you fueling your body with food or with the fruits of marketing creativity?

If we talk about growing real food- the art of planting your own food, growing it, preparing it and storing it- this is a process, a skill, a desire. Yes, quality is a process. Quality is a combination of the efforts, made in order to produce a particular product, the time which was invested, a pinch of passion and desire and the end product- the one, which packs more than just food ingredients.

You know, how your mother’s omelet is always the most delicious! It is just an omelet. Everybody has the same recipe and everybody makes it differently. You eat it in the restaurant, but it tastes plane; you eat it at home and it tastes like the most delicious thing on Earth!

Quality is not just a product- it is an event. Quality food is an event- the event of growing, gathering and storing your own food. The event of cooking and sharing it.

Quality food is not gonna be found in the supermarket or in the restaurant.

Quality food is the one we prepare by ourselves. The one which nature gave us and the one that doesn’t need complicated technologies,  in order to be processed; it doesn’t need added vitamins or a decrease of fat content. Quality food is the one, which doesn’t need high marketing expenses, in order to be promoted better; it doesn’t need to be in an attractive package, in order to convince us, that we should buy it!

Actually, quality food, by itself, doesn’t need a package or efforts on the marketing side. Quality food can always be distinguished.

Without quality food, the world doesn’t function normally!

Without quality food, my body doesn’t feel good. Without it, I don’t wake up in the morning, full of energy; without it I don’t have strength- neither strength of the mind, nor strength of the body. Without, quality food,, I do not feel good in my skin and I don’t manage to go proudly through the alleys of my own life, because I always miss something, I am always unconfident. Without, quality food, I feel that something real and something valuable is lacking from my day. Without quality food I feel that my soul is starving and my body is overeating!

Quality food has just one definition- YOUR OWN. But no matter what your definition is, I am sure that your inner voice, always hints you what is right and what is wrong. It is exactly the inner sense for rightness, which is the true test of quality!

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