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1.To accept something as a fact, without having absolutely no idea what are the reasons, behind this statement!

That is true for everything in your life, but today I am going to focus on workouts!

When I started going to the Globo gym, the picture that popped up in my mind when somebody mentioned the word “fitness”, were countless cardio machines and people, exhaustively running on the treadmill.

I was the regular follower of the myth that if you want to lose weight, cardio is the best solution!

I lost a lot of time, but besides the countless hours spent in the gym, I didn’t achieve anything!

I was like a sheep from the herd, following the tendencies and the well known “truths”, without ever giving it a thought and questioning the obvious- why if it is so effective, there are so many people doing it, without getting any results!

I never questioned anything, that people told me about the “effective” cardio workouts and I had no idea how things were supposed to work and why.

I would have saved myself a lot of time and effort, if instead of reading women’s magazines and forums, I had taken the time to buy a couple books and learn how the body functions and what I need to do in order to achieve my goal!

If you have been doing something for a long time, but you never seem to get the results, you work so hard for, and you have never asked yourself the right questions, probably it is time to stop believing the widely spread myths and build your own opinion, backed up with the necessary and trustworthy information!

You can read here, here ,here, here, here and here what are my conclusions after I followed this way of thinking and acting.

2.Fooling myself, that just because something leads to weight loss, it is healthy!

This is a big delusion, that I want to rip out of everybody’s mind. If you look critically on this statement, you will realize that it is ridiculous.

The chocolate diet?… leads to weight loss! Is it healthy? NO!

The watermelon diet?… leads to weight loss! Is it healthy? NO!

The baby food diet?… leads to weight loss! Is it healthy? NO!

You could list A LOT of diets here! But what does healthy mean? For me healthy is a way of life- habits, nutrition, values, behavior, that contribute to improving the state of your body and mind. Actions that make you feel better with a long term perspective, and not actions that satisfy your momentum caprice, and later on lead to more suffering and agony!

Give it a thought! Do you remember your last “healthy diet”? How did you feel? You didn’t have strength and you were constantly irritated… but it was healthy, because you lost weight, right? Well, that is a wrong perception! Realize it!

3. Believing that weights are just for men

This is my biggest mistake. I can’t believe what I was missing! It is gonna turn out, that it is true that you never know what you are missing, if you don’t try it yourself! I’ve trained a lot of stuff from softball to swimming, but I can tell you that lifting weights is not just for men! Actually it is a MUST for women! Lifting weights gives you a chance to carve your body just like an artist sculpts a statue! Every place on your body, that you are not content with could reshape and become tight and fitter, as long as you have the courage to walk in the gym, go by the cardio machines and wave them goodbye and then lift the barbell!

What are the top 3 mistakes, you’ve made with your workouts and nutrition?

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