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Прекрасната ми сестра- Габи, която тренира с мен...С ТЕЖЕСТИ!
My beautiful sister-Gabi, who works out with me…and LIFTS WEIGHTS

Lately , a lot of my readers, ask me some interesting questions! Interesting, in a sense, that a lot of people want to know the answer, but rarely find the courage to ask! Last week, I got such a question, and because I noticed that a lot of women are interested in the answer, I decided to pay special attention to it and share my opinion with you!

Hello, Ines!

I want to ask you a question! Do you think that this way of eating and mostly, workouts with weights, have the same impact on every woman’s body?(…) When I eat in adequate quantities, I have energy, but my legs get huge. And when I limit the calories they don’t get big, but I can’t get the muscle definition I am aiming for. I don’t want huge legs, I just want some muscle definition and feminine body, like the fitness models on the pictures!

What impresses me is the discomfort of most women, who train with weights, that their legs are gonna get huge! Here comes the question, what is the definition of huge? My observations, show me that most women, find defects on their bodies, where in reality they don’t exists!

Some time ago, a really beautiful girl, wrote me a message. She explained how her legs become huge from lifting weights. She sent me a picture and tell you the truth she looked exceptionally… GOOD! She looked like a cover, fitness model!

If we don’t take into account the inclination of women, to always find something they don’t like in their appearance, I will share with you, what might happen, when you start lifting weights and eating the way I do! My opinion is based on my personal experience- what happened with me and what happens with women that I coach!

If, when you start lifting weights, you have some excess weight, at the beginning your body will probably start looking tighter, but your measures won’t decrease. Why?

First, because until now, you have never trained with weights and you haven’t trained in a way, that could help you shape your body and become more athletic. When you put weights in the game, your body will begin to get tighter and defined. Here is the moment, to mention that the statement “fat turns into muscle” is a big myth! Both are a different type of tissue and one can’t transform into the other!

What happens is as follows. By training with weights, you will build muscles ( calm down, they won’t be huge and too much, but just enough to help you look beautiful and athletic). Workouts with weights, help you get your metabolism faster. In case, your nutrition is appropriate, in combination  with the training process, you will have the perfect formula to start burning fat! Building muscle and burning fat, can go hand in hand, but one does not transform into the other!

But as you already know, burning fat does not happen overnight!

That’s why at the beginning your body will look tighter and well shaped, but you are probably not gonna notice a change in your measurements! And if your measure for success is how fast you drop in size, there is a big chance to give up, just before you see the positive effect!

What happened with me is this- I started lifting weights! My body became tighter and my legs and butt shaped pretty good, but at first I did not drop in size. But I was prepared for this! I knew that it required patience and consistency, so I had it! And not long after this, besides the well shaped body, I started getting leaner and I dropped in size! Today I have a well shaped body and I’ve lost A LOT OF INCHES! And all of this thanks to a little more patience, lifting weights and eating good food!

What could happen with you, and it usually happens, is that when you start lifting, you will build some muscle, which will be covered with the fat, you probably have. At first your legs will look toned, but they won’t get smaller. If you keep on lifting and eating clean, the fat will gradually disappear and you will have lean, defined legs!

Besides that, the way you look depends on the structure of your body! Some people have longer muscles ( said in a bro language), and others don’t! In my opinion, in all cases, there isn’t anything more beautiful than a woman with an athletic, well shaped body! It is far better for the size of your legs to come from some muscles, than from fat!

Besides that, as I wrote last week, if you want to look like a fitness model- to have lean, well shaped body, you should train and eat in a similar way! And I assure you that they ( fitness models), don’t think that their legs become huge from lifting heavy weights!

Eat good food and lift weights! Give some time to your training program and your diet, to actually start working and I assure you that you won’t be sorry!

My progress :)
My progress 🙂

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