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I think that I’ve mentioned before how much I love reading! Everything I get my hands on- I read it! Not long ago I bough Andy Andrews’ book “The notice”. I was a little skeptical at first but as everything in life it is not good to make conclusions so early! And here I am a 168 pages later, fascinated by the book I decided to share it with you!

And calm down, I know we are not at a literature meeting- I won’t make a summary of the book, neither try convincing you to buy it! This is up to you! I will only say that it is a really thin book, but it sums up some of the most important lessons that a person could learn in his life.

Did you ever ask yourself, what is the one thing you need the most in your life? What is the formula behind happiness? What is the solution to all problems? Ask google, because as we’ve heard it “Uncle Google knows everything!” and I assure you that you are gonna find millions of explanations. Unfortunately I doubt it that you could find the answer that will match all the questions above!

I want to save you the endless hours surfing in the web and the wasted years searching for the key to happiness, I will suggest you my point of view!

Andy Andrews says that “Sometimes all a person needs is a different perspective”. Short, exact and clear! I couldn’t be  more concordant with him. We all aim at the top. We all want to achieve something and be the best at it… “Everybody wants to be at the top of the mountain but as we know everything we will find there are stones and cold. At the top of the mountain there are no plants. Yes, the sight is amazing but why do you need it? The sight only reveals the path ahead of us, it just shows us our next goal. But in order to touch that goal, we need to slope down the mountain, to go through the valley and start climbing the next mountain. But right there in the valley, while we are slowly moving ahead through the thick grass and fat land, we learn the things which let us climb the next top, we become more mature and capable. So what I am saying is that right in this moment, you are exactly where you need to be!”

What I’d add up to the text above is that at the top it is kind of lonely. The place where a person feels truly happy is right there when he walks through the valley, while he is climbing. This is the place where you meet the people that matter the most- those that are gonna be next to you in the moments when you want to share your joy or be silent through your suffering!

Probably it is human nature but we always concentrate on  the things we are missing…and that undoubtedly gives birth to thoughts about a bunch of other things we need. Usually the thing you focus on, starts growing. The more you think about the things you don’t have, the stronger they get and the more they take control over you.

That reminds me about the time when I was 16 years old. I was a basketball player at the top of my career. I dislocated my right shoulder. I spent the first day after the injury staying in bed,feeling sorry for myself. I was supposed to stay out of the court for a couple months and everything I could think about was how difficult it will be to get back in shape. Fortunately the pessimism didn’t stay long and right on the next morning I found the solution. As you know in basketball it is an advantage if you lead the ball equally good with both hands. Until that moment I had pretty good control over the ball with my right hand but for the left…I don’t even wanna remember.

I remember how I was with roller all over me. I went to a workout and everybody was staring at me in astonishment. I took a ball and went to the basket at the sideline. That is how everything started. The next couple months I couldn’t use my right hand but I was pretty stubborn at practicing my left hand shots and my left hand dribble. At first it was discouraging but I did not quit- I had a goal! Thus, the injury instead of knocking me down, helped me improve my game! When I got back to the court I could shoot really good with my right hand and with my left hand-under the basket, from the free throw line, from distance.

What would have happened if I didn’t see the good side of the injury? If I had spent a couple months feeling sorry about myself? I doubt it that I’d have gone far! Probably if the injury never happened, I would have never found the time to work on my left hand technique. I would have always found excuses that I had something more important to do.

It is the same with everything else in life. When something bad happens to us-we have a choice! We can either find the good side or focus on the bad side of the situation!

I read somewhere that books are like buildings with a lot of doors. Every reader enters the building through a different door and spends his time in a different room, staring at a different object. When two people start reading the same book, sometimes they enter through different doors in the same building and get out of it without even meeting each other. Millions of people could read the same book, but the reading of each one of them would be unique!

It is the same with life. The life of each person depends on the eyes of the beholder. If you always search for the negative things, you are most likely to find them. Unfortunately this will only make you suffer! On the other hand if you look for the good side of things…who knows… you have a good chance at finding it…and only then you will be truly happy.

Keeping in mind what I told you about books, I’d conclude that the life of every person is unique! We all live it in different way, depending on which door we are gonna open and which object we will focus on! That’s why people who at first sight have less things than you do, in reality are happier- just because they focused on the things they are thankful about, not the things they wish for!

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Ines Subashka

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  1. Ines Subashka

    Hey, Tatiana! You just made my day! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this! Glad you feel better! 🙂 Keep smiling and keep being positive! :)))

  2. Tatiana

    Hi Ines! Very nice article, thanks for sharing! I really needed this to remind me what is important. I had a bad day at work and then really good workout in the gym…which I LOVE!
    I read your blog and I really like it and I never said thanks! Keep posting! Tatiana

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