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Life as a fight. This is the notion most people have, when it comes to the way life should be led. Something like a constant game of hide and seek. A game where we run and life is chasing us; or a game where we are desperately trying to reach life and grasp it, but it always seems to slip away.

We fly through days, judging life, for every closed door; every turn on the road; we judge it for the words we didn’t utter; for the dates that didn’t take place and the emotions we didn’t get to experience.

Our attitude towards life is just another proof for our unrealistic and illogical expectations- to always have somebody who will take care of us; somebody who will take the responsibility for what is happening, when things go wrong.

On the other hand, when things are going great, we are always proudly “tapping our own shoulder” and we usurp the merits. Then, we do not look for somebody, who will share with us the spotlight- neither people, nor life

We live with the illusive notion for some kind of justice, which is supposed to be something like an inborn right, that life is mercilessly taking away from us. Just like this! Without a good reason to do it.

We sigh that life is being unfair- always with people who deserve it the least.

Some time ago, I realized that life has no duties for me. Or to be more precise, life has no obligation to be indulgent. Life is not fair, because justice in its essence is a subjective term.

Just like for a kid, his parents, who are forcing him to study, when he feels like playing, don’t seem to be fair, the same way, life seems unfair, when it forces us to stand face in face with our fears and when it challenges us to cope with them.

In the same time, some people would rather stay calm in their comfort zone and never embark in the experiences, which accompany personal growth.

Life is always fair and everyone of us, gets what he needs.

Sometimes, we haven’t grown up enough to realize the true meaning, behind the presence of difficult people in our lives; or the complicated situations and the problems that settled in our day.

Life is our best friend, even when we feel like it is our greatest judge.

True friends aren’t those that are being indulgent and those that point out just our positive sides. True friends are not those that feel sorry for us and just strengthen our feeling of being victims of life, situations and people.

True friends are those, who tell the truth just the way it is- without “spicing it up”. True friends are those who can see our true potential and those that see who we can become, even when the signs for our unlimited potential are hardly visible.

True friends are those who won’t let us stagnate in one place, and instead they will give us a good kick in the ass, and push us towards progress, by uttering the painful truth; by directing our attention towards what we are trying to avoid.

True friends are those, that risk “hurting us”, but still pointing our weak spots, and then pointing out the strength we possess and the strength we can use, to perfect our own self.

True friends are those, who wouldn’t let us fool ourselves, even when they have to take the responsibility to tell us, everything we don’t want to hear and everything that others don’t have the courage to tell us.

Then, who could be a better and more impartial friend, than life itself?

The one who “notices” each weakness in us; challenges us and places us in a situation, where it will be taken in the open, so we can have the opportunity to get to know it better and then cope with it.

Just like our relationships with people are  a mirror for our level of personal growth; just like people who are a part of our life are those who carry the lessons we need right now… the same way, the state of our own life is a mirror for where we are in a matter of consciousness and what we need to learn.

The bigger the fight with life, the more this is a sign that we are denying the way life functions; we are refusing to acknowledge our own lapses and work on them.

If we had a different outlook on life, if we realized that every difficulty is just a stimulus to turn to our inner self and see how our reality is reflecting our hurt Essence, then we would welcome challenges.

Then we would realize that the more we experience in the material world, the more we strengthen our inner world and the more we broaden our comfort zone; the ore we discover our abilities and the more we learn to use them.

Every morning I wake up and I say to myself, that I will trust today. Then I go through the present day and I know that whatever it “serves” me, are just opportunities- opportunities to discover myself; to get to know my weaknesses, and then find ways to cope with them.

Every morning I promise myself, that I will trust today, and then I go to bed satisfied that I had 24 hours, where I could grow; get stronger; and more hardy to the transiency, which is the only secure essence of life.


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