Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions about Diets and Nutrition and Their Answers!

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Q:Hello again! The last couple weeks, after our first conversation, I began to think a lot about changing my diet! I think that now I am convinced that fats are not the reason for obesity and that I really need to change my eating.
A: Glad to hear it!

Q: But after I made the hardest step and took the decision to make a change, a lot of new questions are popping up.
A: Go ahead and tell me what is confusing you!

Q: Well, I really feel confused. I really don’t know how to eat. I think I need some help.

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Favorite Reads of the Week: 04/14/12

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 Hey, everybody! Are you ready to get busy reading some great articles? This week’s list of my favorite articles is great! There are a lot of outstanding and helpful articles. Make sure to take the time and read them! You won’t be sorry!

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Favorite Reads of the Week: 03/03/2012

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Hey everybody! It is the end of the week! That means time for my Favorite Reads of the Week. As always I have some great picks! 😉 I love that there are so much great people out there, who write such usefull stuff! Enjoy reading! And by the way today March 3rd is Bulgaria’s National Holiday! We celebrate 134 years from the Liberation from the Turkish slavery! 🙂

Now let’s move on!

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Common Isn't Always Normal:Is Your Diet Too Extreme?

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Often times when people hear about my lifestyle they rush to judge me and say “That is way too extreme”. They do not approve or in my opinion they do not understand why I eat the way I do. They always try to answer me back with the pick up line “after all you should enjoy life, it is way too short, that is why you should let yourself eat more junk food every now and then!”

I have friends who often accuse me that my eating is not healthy, because I eat a diet high in fats, a diet that doesn’t consist of any grains or any junk food. They think that if these foods exist, then there is nothing wrong with eating them.

Truth is that the common knowledge isn’t always the right or the normal thing. Just because (more…)

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