What Is The Best Afternoon Healthy Snack?

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People often ask “What should I eat for breakfast?”. Usually this is asked for the morning breakfast, as well as for the afternoon breakfast. In this post, I shared my opinion on the morning breakfast(Carbs for breakfast! BIG mistake!( read HERE), and today I will emphasize on the afternoon breakfast!

I just want to mention, that I tried to find some data, about where does the notion about eating sweets for breakfast come from. Unfortunately I didn’t find an authentic information. But I still have some hypothesis, and some of them are as follows: (more…)

"How Do I Start Eating Healthy?"

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Снимка: http://kaleandbrownies.com/
Снимка: http://kaleandbrownies.com/

A lot of people ask me “How do I start eating healthy?”.There are a lot of answers to this question, but as most people find it hard to make radical changes and get rid of the bad habits I have an idea! What about start with your breakfast? What do you have for breakfast now? Wait a second! Let me guess! Probably you are either not having breakfast or you are eating donuts,muesli, muffins or something like that!

First of all let me remind you that food is fuel! When your first meal of the day, consists of real, nutritious food, then your body gets what it needs, in order for you to start the day feeling energetic, positive and keep on eating healthy throughout the day!

In order to keep going with my explanation I want to get something straight! (more…)

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