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Holidays are often a reason to make a step back – in training and nutrition and the way we treat our bodies. Some people use this step back as a motivation and a trampoline to better results. They achieve so much more throughout the months that follow. Others, use this step back as an anchor that keeps them in the enchanted circle of sense of guilt and self-destructive behavior.

Well, I invite you to use this step back, so you can achieve the best shape in your life. I invite you to achieve the long term transformation that you need. As it is said, failing only shows me how bad I want to win.

You do not need to have somebody to tell you what you need to do. Your body has a build in mechanism and instincts. If we listen to them and if we act upon this inner voice, we usually get where we are headed. Yet, everybody needs support and like-minded friends. This is why it is time for IFS Winter Challenge. Everything we need is to start. A challenge that seems to last 30 days, but it will leave a trace in your life and it might be the turning point that you’ve wanted for so long.

30 days, that will change your life. You will change your relationship with food, you will change your taste preferences, your habits and you will get rid of the urge to binge. You will change your mindset, your emotions and your body. It sounds as a magical solution, but it is a proven fact. Change doesn’t happen in a moment. It happens with the small steps that precede it. Give it a try! It is just 30 days that could change your life. If you do not get the results you want, you can always give up and do something different. Besides that, it won’t cost anything – just your own effort and consistency.

We start on January, 5th and we end on February, 5th.

What are the suggestions?

Eat real food

Eat meat, eggs, fish, other seafood, a variety of vegetables and seasonal fruits. Moderate amounts of rice, quinoa, sweet potatoes, oats. Fats coming from avocado, coconut, butter, nuts and seeds. Eat foods that you can find in nature and foods that are close to their natural states. Skip the inner isles in the store and shop from smaller local stores, farmer’s shops and from local farmers.

Stick to simple food choices. The simpler it is, the easier it is to stick.

Choose quality foods. Remove from your menu, the following food groups:

You can include some of them after the 30 day challenge.

Do not eat anything with added sugar, artificial sweeteners and artificial coloring. Even if it is not written on the package, if you haven’t cooked it yourself, usually it contains sugar or something artificial. If you feel like eating something sweet – cook it by yourself.

Say no to grains as a staple of your diet. Eat them in moderate amounts. Once a day. Around your workouts.

Say no to dairy products as a staple of your meals. Minimize the amount of cheese and cream you eat. Leave just the quark, cottage cheese, some yogurt, kefir. Use coconut or almond milk for the splash in your coffee (I know that you crave it).

Say no to junk food. The only fast food you can eat are vegetables, fruits and fresh coconut and avocado. 😉

Remove the alcohol. Stop drinking beer. You can drink 1 glass of wine, 2-3 times a week.

Remove sodas, juices and everything that you buy in bottles or cans. Drink water, unsweetened tea, coffee and some natural hot cocoa.

Listen to your body. Allow your body to direct you when and how much food you need. Get out of the protocols and rules and imagine that you are a kid. A kid that doesn’t consider food to be the meaning of life and eats just when it needs fuel. Eat as much as you need, in order to feel energetic – neither too little, so your body doesn’t lack energy, neither too much, so you don’t feel sluggish and demotivated.

Eat 3-4 times a day. Some days eat less, others eat more –do not forget – your body will give you clues.

Join the IFS Lifetime Challenge, where every day, we will post our meals.

What do you need to do?

Get your measures. Measure your thighs, hips and waist. Measure how much you weight. Take two picture s- one in the front and one in the back. This will help you know where you start. Because what gets measured, gets accomplished.  Send them to

You can add a short letter why you are starting the challenge.

Do you have more doubts?

It is hard to get out of your comfort zone. It is hard to challenge yourself.

Without challenges the human body gets sluggish. We flourish when we get out of our comfort zone. That is when we achieve our goals and we set records. We act better, we look better and we feel alive.

We either progress or we regress. There is no such thing as “sustain”. Moderation easily becomes stagnation. If we want to achieve something more, we need to challenge ourselves to do more than we think we are capable of.

What do you choose?

Progress or regress?

The challenge is not difficult. It is difficult to make the first step. That is why you are not alone – you have our support. Join our Facebook group and let’s do it.

Ако статията ви е харесала, споделете я с приятелите си. Благодаря, че помагате да достигне до повече хора.

Ines Subashka

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