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Over the years that I have spent helping people reinvent themselves, their bodies and their lives, I have observed that there are three reasons people are unable to stick to a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Their way of eating is far from healthy, it can actually be described as restrictive and this makes them turn to their old habits every time.
  2. They don’t realize that change is not an event, but a process and a result of the accumulation of everyday choices that support one’s goals. So, if they don’t achieve results fast, they soon give up.
  3. They see diet as something static and quickly get bored.

It all boils down to the fact that a person can stick to something when they find it interesting and when it does not turn into boredom and routine. This is very important when it comes to food. I will never get tired of repeating that eating is a multisensory perception. In order to achieve enough satiety and enjoy our food, as many senses as possible have to be “touched”. In my post on the hedonistic diet (here) I wrote about the role of dopamine, about how we perceive food – whether it tastes good and whether it gives us pleasure. Today I am going to suggest some options to help you make the seemingly boring and monotonous foods new and exciting, so that you can stick longer to the healthy way of eating and ignite your desire to experiment with simple, quick, but very tasty recipes.

Which are the foods most frequently consumed by people who stick to an eating plan?

Eggs, meat, fish, yogurt, fruit and vegetables. This definitely sounds quite boring, if you have scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning or a piece of meat with some salad or sautéed vegetables every day – yes, it does taste good at first, but then the mind gets tired and the taste buds adjust to the monotony. That is when a light goes on in the brain that we want something new, something that is more gourmet and tastes differently. And when we don’t realize that this is what our sweet or pastry cravings are about, we don’t prepare the food we crave in a healthy way, but go straight for the foods we do our utmost to avoid.

Here are some of the ways I add variety to my food:


Breakfast! Yogurt with a lot of things added to it. I put fruit on top and 1/3 protein bar with pistachios. This one is of the Prom-IN brand and I bought it in the Czech Republic :)) Really yummy

I love yogurt, especially if it is home-made. Many people don’t get lasting satiety from yogurt, because they add nothing to it. I always make sure that my meals contain enough protein, fat, carbohydrates and a combination of tastes.

My trick for yogurt and for achieving lasting satiety is to combine yogurt and cheese curds – usually 50/50. Cheese curds have more protein, while yogurt has a softer consistency. This way the end result is both creamy and has enough protein.

I always add flaxseed meal which provides a thicker consistency, adds fullness and is also an additional fat source.

Vanilla, cocoa powder, cinnamon and carob powder are invariably present in my bowl, I sometimes even put a little rum essence.  If you try this, you will realize you are not addicted to cake and cookies, but to the spices in them.

I always put some fruit on top – blueberries, banana, peaches, figs. It depends on what I feel like eating. The food gets yummy and filling.

The other option is to add some raw nuts or a pinch of coconut chips.

And last, but not least – a teaspoon of some nut butter. My favorite is almond butter.

And even if this sounds too calorie-dense, what matters is the amount you use. For example, if I use nuts, I will definitely not add nut butter, and the other way around. Make sure you add just one external fat source and one carbohydrate source or smaller amounts, but from several sources.

Another way to make yogurt taste even better is to blend it with some kind of fruit.

One of my favorite combinations is yogurt, blended with a banana, cocoa powder and vanilla. The result resembles chocolate cream. Yogurt, blended with peaches or berries, tastes great too.

The other way to add variety to the taste of yogurt is to add some protein powder. I am not a fan of getting protein from protein powders, but sometimes I can put ½ or 1 tablespoon of protein powder into my yogurt. This way, depending on the taste of the protein powder, the yogurt acquires the same taste – of cookies, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, toffee, etc.


There are countless variations with eggs. I can’t discuss all of them, but I am going to share some of my favorite. Pancake variations come undoubtedly first. Some of my favorites are coconut pancakes and einkorn pancakes. I always make the coconut pancakes thicker (like the American variety). When I make einkorn pancakes, I blend the batter to make it more liquid, so that I can get thinner pancakes.

Coconut pancakes with carob powder and with a cream of yogurt and raspberries. J And some coconut chips to round the whole thing off :))) Very yummy and not even a calorie bomb – not at all 🙂 #healthyisdelicious

Recipe for the coconut pancakes:

2 eggs

1 tbsp. yogurt

2 tbsp. coconut flour



I stir everything with a fork and get a thick batter. I divide it in two. I grease the frying pan with a little ghee in advance. I put the two pancakes in the pan. I put the lid on, so the pancakes can get fluffy, and I bake on one side with the lid on, and the other side with the lid off.

Then there are countless options you can use – once again you can add fruit, nuts, some nut butter, coconut chips or you can blend 1-2 tablespoons of yogurt with some fruit and spread it on the pancakes. It gets really yummy

You can make a salty version. Just don’t put vanilla in the batter. Then garnish with some cheese, olives, marinated dried tomatoes and cucumber. This is a unique combination.

Breakfast is always the yummiest meal of the day :)) Einkorn pancakes that take exactly 7 minutes to prepare J)) Don’t underestimate the start of the day. What you choose to eat determines to a large extent your choices for the rest of the day. Start with something tasty and healthy. J

Recipe for the einkorn pancakes:

2 eggs

2 tbsp. einkorn

Cocoa powder to taste




Prepare like coconut pancakes, but blend the batter this time – it will get more liquid and the pancakes will be thinner.

One of my favorite fillings for these pancakes is frozen berries, blended with a tablespoon of yogurt and ½ banana.

My other favorite filling is ½ banana, some cocoa powder and a tablespoon of yogurt – blended once again. Then I sprinkle some crushed nuts or coconut chips on top.

Einkorn pancakes with a filling of frozen berries and banana J)) A yummy start of the day J)) If you haven’t had breakfast yet, you must try these. You will be surprised how tasty they are. 🙂 And you can make all kinds of fillings. J Recipe: 2 eggs, 2 tbsp. einkorn flour, cocoa powder, cinnamon and vanilla – I blend everything to get a more liquid batter. I put some ghee in the pan and pour in half the batter. I bake one side of the pancake with the lid on and the other side – with the lid off. Then I bake the second pancake. I made the cream from 1/2 banana, 2 tbsp. yogurt and some cocoa powder

The other option for a salty breakfast is the standard omelet, but with a little addition – almond butter.

It may sound strange, but anyone who ever tried this definitely loves it. The almond butter produces a richer, specific taste. To me, one of the main ways to make food tasty and filling is to add some kind of spice or herb or something else with a stronger and richer taste. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Breakfast :)) Really yummy

3. Salads

Post-workout lunch 🙂 After these negative pull-ups my arms shake every time I lift the fork 😀 Have you read the new post on my blog?

Once again, there are countless options. For me salads are a separate meal category – when not used as a side dish, but as a main dish.

If a salad is to fill you up, once again you must make sure to add a protein source and a fat source. Sometimes you can also add carbohydrates.

My favorite additions to salads, apart from the combination of vegetables (the more colorful, the tastier it gets), are:

– avocado;

Seeds and first and foremost hemp seed;

Nutritional yeast – it has the so-called umami taste and is one of my favorite additions.

– raisins, dried figs or cranberries – I put just a little, but I like the sweet-and-salty taste and if you have tried it, you know how much more satiety it produces.

Flaxseed meal – it is almost always present in my salads.

– chickpeas – this is my other favorite addition, I put 2-3 tbsp. and I like the satiety that chickpeas produce.

– basil – herbs and spices are very important and the more often you use them, the fuller you will feel.

infused olive oil – this is my favorite kind of olive oil, I use my dad’s recipe. We put basil, oregano, chili pepper and other spices in the olive oil bottle. This way the olive oil absorbs the flavors and gets very tasty.

garlic-infused avocado oil

– olives – in my menu olives are like salt – they are everywhere. Especially green olives, they produce a very rich taste. I also like them grilled with a little chili pepper.

– salad dressing – I don’t make some kind of calorie-dense dressing. My favorite kind contains balsamic vinegar, some olive oil, some honey and mustard. It gets quite yummy

– marinated dried tomatoes – everyone asks me why I choose them. The truth is they add a very nice taste and this is the reason they are often present on my plate.

– a protein source – I usually put eggs or some kind of meat. It may also be fish and sometimes, if I don’t feel like eating either of these, I add more chickpeas and get a meatless, but filling meal.

Today I won’t discuss meat and fish, because this post will get twice as long and I want you to have enough time to try the combinations above.


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