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You’ve probably heard that the “strongest survive”. This is a truth, which has a deeper meaning than you suggest. Actually what does it mean that the strongest survive? Everything that we are today, our level of development is a result of one thing- evolution!

Evolution by itself has a really powerful weapon, through which it achieves its goal. This weapon is called natural selection. The most important thing about your body is survival. That is why evolution, with the help of natural selection, guarantees, that the strongest and most adaptable spices will survive. On a molecular level, natural selection occurs when a specific type of DNA, becomes common because of the advantages it has for the organisms which carry it.

Genetics or to be more precise epigenetics- the way your genes change as a response to the environment, is my new passion. This is an extremely interesting science and in my opinion it hides the answers to a lot of questions, which we ask on a daily basis and the key solution to most of the problems we encounter. If there is one textbook, which gives the answer to each enigma, that troubles society, it would be called- EVOLUTION.

Have you ever thought for the origin of diseases? Have you ever asked yourself, what is the reason behind their existence and why we cannot find a cure to  most of them, but instead we are just trying to suppress the symptoms?

The answer is that you cannot cure a disease, if you don’t know what causes it. I will suggest you a different point of view. A point of view, which is explored in details, but unfortunately most people, as well as traditional medicine ignore it. I don’t know why- maybe it is more convenient, but it is not good for us!

Anyways, I think that the more people know what is the reason behind the origin of each disease, the more, in the future, we could pay attention to it and challenge the common knowledge and the common cures. We could eyewitness a revolution in medicine.

What is it behind the origin of diseases?

What we consider a disease in our modern society, used to be an advantage for our ancestors. It used to help them survive and adapt to the constant environmental changes. What does this mean if we take diabetes type 1 for example- i.e., the inability of the body to produce insulin, in a response to higher blood sugar levels?

Diabetes type 1 is a genetic disease and it is widely spread in Northern Europe. The disease is highly spread in Finland, Sweden, Norwegian. The further away towards the South we go, the rarer the disease becomes. Actually this disease is not typical for Africa or Asia and most would neglect this information.

If you are more into genetics and epigenetics, then this fact would rise your curiosity and it will challenge you to get in the role of a scientist.

When a disease is genetic and when you observe the tendency for a geographical predominance, then this fact has a logical reason behind it. And it is no coincidence! Here the key to the enigma is once again evolution. The reason is simple. When we observe something like this, we could suggest that this common trait, which we consider a disease, in a particular stage of our evolution was an advantage and it helped us survive.

What does that mean if we take diabetes? Higher blood sugar levels, help living organisms ( in this case humans) to cope better in really cold conditions, because blood sugar lowers the point of freezing in our blood. Think about alcohol. The higher is the sugar content, the less is the possibility for the beverage to freeze. This means that high blood sugar levels are a natural antifreeze, which helps living organisms to survive in colder environment. And once again, what is Diabetes Type 1? It is the inability of the body to produce its own insulin, in a response to higher blood sugar levels.


Insulin lowers blood sugar. All the countries that I listed above, have one common characteristics- cold climate. This means, that the genius which stands behind evolution, led to such genetic changes, where the mechanism , which is responsible for signaling for insulin release, just stops working. Thus, the higher blood sugar levels couldn’t be lowered and the living organisms could survive in extreme cold. When a defect doesn’t match the environment, it occurred for, then it becomes a disease- i.e., it is not an advantage anymore, because the environment is changed and it doesn’t require this survival mechanism.

If scientists turn to evolution as a main source of knowledge; if they understand where and why a particular disease occurred and as a response to what it occurred, then they could use this information in order to cure their patients. How? The only way  to turn the disease into an advantage is to create an environment, which matches the environment towards which the defect occurred. What does this mean? For example, when it comes to Type 1 Diabetes, the most adequate would be cold thermogenesis- i.e. creating conditions which favor colder temperature. Conditions which would mimic the environment which unlocked the defect as an advantage. The proper food choices, together with a conscious control of the environment would be the key to cure every disease.

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Ines Subashka

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