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Sometimes you sit in the room- alone. You are surrounded by the silence of your own presence and your thoughts fly away from your mind and ricochet in the walls, just to return back and stab into your heart. You wish that something beautiful could happen in your life, something different. You sit there, whining why your life is not unfolding the way you’ve planned it and you are left there blind for the beauty which surrounds you.

You sit in the middle of the room, drowning in your own self- pity and you don’t hear how life, out of breath and excited, is standing in front of your door, waiting for you to welcome it in your personal space and allow it to unfold– to reveal you all the wonderful things, which are just waiting there for somebody to believe in them and breath them into life.

If there is one thing, which I believe, it is that everything we long for, already exists. I think that the life of each one of us, has a countless number of scenarios, and each one of them is already taking place- somewhere. It is our actions, our choices, which we make in each moment, which “brick” by “brick” build the path we should walk on. We are the once who build the dead end streets, which we walk on and then feel trapped and hopeless. We are the once who create the circuit roads in our life, and then spin in them, without ever realizing that it is up to us, if we will be determined enough to take another, unknown path and get rid of the enchanted circle.

Every time, when I want to achieve something, I accept the fact, that in some of the scenarios of my life, it has already happened. The only task I have, is to find the road to this scenario; to find the choices and experiences, which will attract to me the situations I want to experience.

Few believe in this. Few believe in the parallel reality of what is happening and that in each moment, we have the freedom to choose which scenario we get to experience.

Imagine life like a movie. Imagine that everything which could happen to you is part of the “TV program”. You sit in front of the TV, which projects the movie of your own life. You are holding the remote control and if you do not like something, you always have the freedom to change the channel and see if something better and more interesting is on the TV. Then you have the freedom to get back on that channel.

It is the same with life. You are holding “the remote control” and it is up to you which scenario will unfold. If right now, you are observing “the horror” of your own life, but you desperately want to have a different life, then change “the channel”. In order to look for something different, you should first, believe in its existence. If you believe that you are cursed  to experience just the scenario of the horror, then you will never suspect that something else exists. Then, you will never have the courage to dare to search for something else.

Realize that everything happens right now. Just like the TV program. By changing the channel, you are the one choosing what is on the TV. Just because you are focused on one channel, on one movie, this does not exclude the fact that there are a bunch of other movies being on air right now. This doesn’t exclude the existence of everything else. It is your choice, your own decision, which gives life to the particular moment and to the particular situation. Your choices, kill all other opportunities.

Actually, decide, comes from the word “decide”, which means “kill”. I.e., deciding, means killing an opportunity, by giving life to something else. It is up to you, if you kill the opportunities for a better life and if you are sentencing your life to become a serve of the sentence of your limited choices.

Remember, that everything happens right now. The present moment, has countless variations and it is your choices which give it meaning. It is the way you chose to experience the present, which directs you toward one or another scenario.

Never forget that you are the one holding the remote and you have the complete freedom, to change what you see; the reality which you experience!

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