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It’s Ines Subashka from InspiredFitStrong.com. Today I have a really interesting guest. Her name is Katy Bowman (from Aligned and Well) and she is pretty much a wealth of knowledge. I just finished reading her last book “Move Your DNA” which is a must read. Katy has written two more books, Aligment Matters and Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief”– – a book every woman should wear in her purse. She is a producer and talent of  Aligned and Well DVD series.

Sometimes you meet people, at some stage of your life, but you are not conscious enough, yet. That’s why you fail to realize the importance of these people. That’s what happened with Katy, the first time I read her  blog 4-5 years ago. My first thought was: “What is she talking about – no furniture and “boring”, restorative movements. No, thanks! I want to lose weight and be in shape.”

I am happy that I walked a long path and that today  I realize, that exactly the information she gives us, is the information that brought in action, takes us to our goals. I can write a lot about Katy  and how important it is to listen to everything she says, but I am sure that immediately after you play the podcast, you will be fascinated by her words and she will provoke your thinking and knowledge.

In today’s podcast we will dig in topics like:

-why high heels are destroying you;

-why not having much furniture at home is a good thing;

-do you really need to sit in order to rest;

-what is the reason about the increase of osteoporosis among adults;

-what’s up with juicing and why chewing your food matters;

-should we squat like the kids;

-why you have high tension in the calves and how is this related to neck pain;

-what shoes to wear in summer and winter;

-how the way you move your arms says a lot about the shoulder problems you have

Нпмате тази книга в дамската чанта? Веднага поправете грешката ;)
If you don’t have this book in your purse, immediately go grab a copy of it! 😉

More about Katy:

Katy is a biomechanist , who gives her all to decode this complicated science into an approachable language. The information she provides, really brings in a lot of consciousness about the way we move and the importance of movement about our health and quality of life. Her books really touch your mind and provoke you to take action, because she creates a really vivid picture of how the way we move throughout the day, determines the way we feel and the way we live. If you haven’t read her books, I assure you that this is the missing piece in your life. So listen to the podcast and then go ahead and grab a copy of them.

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Ines Subashka

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Galya

    Glad you did this interview with Katy, tons of great info! Kudos! In Bulgarian, we use the words: “подравняване” and “подредба” to signify alignment to our students. If you think of “posture” (стойка), in Bulgarian it has the meaning of something stiff and static. We also talk of “центрация” (joint centration), as it pertains to the joints. It takes some time to experience the terminology through your body and make sense of it.

  2. Daniyaal

    Move Your DNA explains the science behind our need for natural movement – right down to the cellular level.

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