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Today I will share with something about “the favorite movements”. Or to be more accurate about the importance of not structuring your workout, around your favorite exercises, but to have an approach that will guarantee you that you are constantly stimulating your whole body, by using different methods, different grips and different ways of holding the weight.

And because I am not quite sure, that even I understood what I wrote above, I will let you know what I mean.

I will take lunges as an example.

How do you perform lunges? Probably you are always doing them with dumbbells or you are always doing them with the bar.

Where is the problem with this approach?

By performing lunges the same way, every single time, you are strengthening the muscles on your body and making them good at stabilizing during this movement, just when the lunge is performed with the weight, respectively the dumbbells held by your side. Or if you are always doing lunges with the bar… you will be strong at lunges…with the bar!

There is one approach, that you could use, so you could become stronger at doing lunges, while still “attacking” a lot more muscles, mainly the stabilizers. How could you do it?

By using different ways to perform lunges or to be more precise, different ways to hold the weight, while performing the lunge.

Some of the varieties to do this is as follows:

Lunges with dumbbells

Here the good thing is that you train your grip. I often notice that people, who perform lunges with dumbbells, have the strength in their legs to use heavier weights. So when you do lunges with dumbbells, you get something as an assistance work for your grip.

Lunges with the bar held in front

Инес Субашка

As it is with the front and the back squat, the lunges with the bar in front exert on a different load. You will feel your core muscles working much more, in order to stabilize your body to hold the weight. That is why I highly recommend you include this way of performing lunges.

Lunges with the bar on your back

This is probably one of the most frequently used way to perform lunges.

Lunges with a plate, held above your head

Image source: http://www.panhandlecrossfit.com

Here the key role is once again the stabilization. I can assure you, that lunges with a plate or a bar, held above your head, could be one of the most challenging variations to perform a lunge. It might seem easy from the side, but it usually turns out to be way harder, because there is a lot of stabilization involved, and one of the weakest links for more trainees, are the stabilization muscles. So not matter how unpleasant this variation seems, you should definitely find its place in your workout program.

Lunges from a deficit

Here, the weight could be once again held in a different way. But the plate sunder your legs, allow for a bigger range of motion, which immediately contributes for the activation of a lot more muscles and this makes the movement a lot more difficult. I wrote a post about Lunges from deficit HERE.

Jumping lunges

This seems as the easiest thing in the world, which in reality could  make your thighs “burn”, just like no other lunge variation could. This way to perform lunges requires a lot of balance, coordination and stabilization. So do not skip jumping lunges.

This approach is true not just for lunges, but for all the rest of the movements. You should change the type of the weight you use, by using- the bar, dumbbells, add resistance bands or chains.

For example the military press, performed with dumbbells, instead of with the bar, also has advantages. Thus you could easily find out which of your hands is weaker and improve this imbalance. Besides that it requires more stabilization, as the movement with the bar is significantly easier, than it is with dumbbells.

So make sure that you use different ways to perform the same movement. Some variations are really annoying and not too satisfying. Some of them do not allow you to use big weights, but they carry other advantages! Do not ignore them!

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  1. Jerry

    This is good stuff. I knew of a couple of ways to do lunges, but not the seven or eight that you showed. And i totally agree about the stabilizer muscles. Good tips and thanks for sharing.

  2. Amy

    My question of the day… Should I be sore after every workout? Sometimes I think people make “soreness” the measure of if they had a good workout, but I hate being sore ALL the time. I know it will happen sometimes, but what should I think?

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