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Amanda Latona

I love reading T-nation. This website is something like the “Holy Bible” to me, in terms of workouts and nutrition! Yesterday, while I was going through Ben Bruno’s Good Reads , I stumbled over this article “5 Mistakes That Killed My Progress”. This made me think about the mistakes that I’ve made in my past- the once that killed my progress!

1. Not following a structured workout program and just doing the exercises I like

This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made! When I started lifting weights, at the beginning I had progress, probably because until then I have never touched a weight in my entire life!

And after all , it is normal to have quick progress, when you are new at something. But not long after that, there came a moment, when I was just treading on one place. And not because I wasn’t making enough effort or because I was cheating. Actually, I always give my best, at times it even looks like pure masochism. Te problem was that back then, I still didn’t have the knowledge to structure my own training program. Every morning I woke up with a big desire to work out, but just for the sake of working out!

I had big dreams of being able to do pull ups, push- ups, walk on hands, squat with heavy weights… but a dream is just a dream, until you take the particular actions, that will turn your dream into a goal!

Working out without a clearly, defined program, I just went to practice and I did the exercises I liked… push-ups? Absurd! Back then I told myself “I can’t do push-ups and today I am not feeling good, so I better do something I am good at!”

Handstands? Have you lost your mind? You have shoulder injuries and you could fall and injure yourself!

Bulgarian squats? No way! I’d rather flip some tires!

And thus the time went by… I was wasting my efforts and I never seemed to progress! Until the day, I decided to educate myself and stop cherry picking my workouts! This was the wisest decision in my life! Today my workouts are a combination of what is necessary and what brings me pleasure!

Today I work out, so I can turn my weak spots into strengths, so when I like a particular exercise, I will have enough strength, coordination, mobility and stability to actually perform it and not just watch youtube videos, daydreaming about the day I wake up and just do it without effort!

Don’t make my mistake!

Analyze your weaknesses and your strengths! Find out what you should work on and no matter if you hate that exercise, do it! You know that your hatred towards it, is born out of the fact, that you are just not good at it! I assure you that the more you practice it, the better you will get at it and the more it will become your favorite movement!

The exercises you hate doing, usually are the once you need the most! If you really want to have progress, you will follow a structured training program and you will forget about cherry picking your workouts!

2.Neglecting posterior chain exercises, in favor of anterior chain exercises!

This is another big mistake! It was once again, born out of the fact that back then I used to like the anterior chain exercises better, than the predominantly posterior chain! I had really weak glutes and of course I didn’t like doing pistol progressions, lifting the light bar when performing deadlifts and so on…

But this led to a pretty bad imbalance between the anterior and the posterior chain, which broke my neutral posture and caused an anterior tilt! So I was constantly standing like this…

…and even if I didn’t have belly fat, I looked like a pregnant woman, because my glutes were so week, that they couldn’t perform their function to help keeping my body in a neutral posture!

Don’t make that mistake!

Here, you should once again analyze your weaknesses and your strengths. Find out which muscles are weaker and structure your workouts in a way that will help you strengthen them! The balance between the posterior and the anterior chain is really important! Especially nowadays, when we spend a lot of time sitting and most of us suffer from the so called “dead butt syndrome” or in other words your glutes are really weak! (here are some exercises you could do)

3.Not working my body in all planes.

Ok, this is a little more complicated, but for now I will just tell you that I preferred doing pulling movements( for example pull ups) only in a vertical plane and I always skipped the horizontal plane movements (renegade rows)… just because I didn’t like them! When it comes to pushing movements, I did more in a horizontal plane (push- ups), neglecting the once in a vertical plane( military press, side press), just because I found them hard and I couldn’t use big weights!

Nowadays I don’t make this mistake anymore and I am having a tremendous progress! Besides that I removed the imbalance between my muscles and I strengthened a lot the muscles on my back, which helped me improve in all other exercises!

Do you make some of these mistakes? What are the mistakes you did, which killed your progress?

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